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After evading capture by fleeing to Varennes, Louis XVI is finally captured in June of 1791. It is believed that he and his wife, Mary Antoinnette, may either be imprisoned for life, put to death, or exiled. this may lead to an increase in France's inner conflicts, such as the amount of riots and fighting between the classes. He had almost made it to his destination, Varennes, when a post maker recognized him and promptly allerted officials. He was then transferred back to Paris under guard with the rest of his family. 

A painting of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette in the Gardens of Versailles, by Charles Louis Lucien Muller. (Image: Leemage/UIG via Getty Images)

The royal family of King Louis XVI tried to leave Paris after an explosion of the radical beliefs and actions by the lower class population. This included very many riots. He tried to escape because he feared they would kill him. This is a just fear because they may have had plans of an assassination if he had not been stripped of his title and removed soon. Before leaving for Varennes on June 21st of 1791, peasant riots were at an all-time high because of his refusal to accommodate to the demands. This was all planned by Axel von Fersen, a powerful Swedish man. Many believe that he may have only done this because he didn't want people in his own country to get the idea of revolution and start uprisings. 

Axel von Fersen (non-copyright)

What will happen next? Will the peasants needs be accommodated for or will another ruler simply force them to live in poverty paying high taxes for the other classes to live lavish lifestyles? Hopefully, it won't be the latter. France has seen enough death of their people.

All information came from notes or the following website:

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