AUL PURPIS Hip Hop Pioneer

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Aul Purpis was born and raised in Philly and started rhyming back in 1989 with different crews from Prophets of the Ghetto, 84 and The Gargantuans. During and after that time Aul Purpis dedicated his life to Hip Hop and making music, no longer for fun but as a career. It is fair to say he did just that, and ten years later in 1998-2000 he began touring across the globe with icons such as Bahamadia from San Francisco to Switzerland! Back in the U.S the name Aul Purpis took over the news, radio, and media and his notoriety grew immensely. His fan base followed him everywhere from the House of Blues to Sway in the Morning. It was only right he put on a U.S tour which resulted in pandemonium for the culture of Hip Hop on the west and east coast! Aul Purpis gave fans lyricism at its’ best, he gave fans a taste of the essence and elements of Hip Hop. This wasn’t enough for him, he wasn’t satisfied. Aul Purpis linked up with legendary DJ Cash Money for one more international tour. In 2004 he performed at the Olympics in Athens, Greece representing Jamaica, and in 2006 he performed at The World Cup in Germany. He linked up and performed with many other major artists such as Arrested Development, Craig G (The Juice Crew), Doug E Fresh, Public Enemy, KRS One, Buck Shot, Roy Ayres, Rockness Monsta, and Phantasm (City Dwellas). After touring throughout London, France, Turkey, Japan, China, Malaya, Amsterdam, and Dubai, Aul Purpis wanted to work on his solo project at home, in Philly. His released his solo project “Private Property” and once again pandemonium hit the airwaves! To date, Aul Purpis is working on his sophomore album titled “The Heisman”.


Management: ScottLaRockJrBX@gmail.com
Press: MJspokenword@gmailcom
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