Students Unleashing Creativity with Digital Media Problem Solving and Innovation Using Creative Cloud

USC Course ASCJ200: Deconstructing News and Media in the Digital Age
Students from Online Journalism course at George Washington University’s School of Media and Public Affairs
By Melyssa Granat | In recent years, the popularity of food trucks has increased significantly in D.C. There are 17,000 parking spots all over D.C.; food trucks occupy at least 100 spots in Northwest D.C. during lunch and serve about 5,000 people daily.
By Teniola Ayoola | Pennsylvania Avenue, stretching from the Capitol to the White House, is one of Washington’s oldest streets. The street has been the site of freedom marches, protests, presidential inaugurations, funerals, parades, and has hosted foreign dignitaries over its 200-year history.

One Small Step for Woman

Valentina Arismendi

"One Small Step for Woman" is a story of persistence, equality, and possibilities. NASA's Project Artemis is a milestone not just for women in space, but for women everywhere as it puts us one step closer to gender equality.

It took the first place prize in Society for News Design's 2020 International College Competition.

See Valentina's portfolio for more information on this project.

Becky Byler, Tackling Global Health issues

Biomedical engineer brings her passion for global health to life through non-profit work and marketable designs created using Adobe Creative Cloud.

Along with three other students, Byler helped design SafiChoo, an inventive and inexpensive mobile toilet that can be used to improve sanitation and reduce the spread of disease in refugee camps. The SafiChoo team won Georgia Tech’s most prestigious competition, the InVenture Prize, using images and diagrams that Byler created with Adobe software to present the project.

Illustration for SafiChoo project
Research proposal for malaria diagnosis tool
“Using Adobe Creative Cloud, I can turn my equations and sketches into more visual elements in proposals that help me market my ideas and gain more funding for my projects.”

Mathematics Student delivering information on Set Theory

College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences

Dr. Stephen Moysey
Ocean Acidification | Caroline Guerry, Clemson University Student

Students Help Restore Hope In Paradise, California

After the devastating wildfire in Paradise, California, a group of students came together to lift up the community with an original song, videos, and photos. Above: Ava Fierro and Tori Mackay’s song about yearning to leave their small town has taken on new meaning as an anthem of strength. Below: Ava and Tori embrace in the rubble of Tori’s grandfather’s house; students working on their projects in support of Paradise; community members at the town’s scenic overlook, placing locks on the fence to share messages of hope.

Our Lives Together | Carrie Lewis, UNC Student

Carrie had never created a video before this project.

Scientific Tar Heel Volume 1 | Teaching Science Students to Effectively Communicate their Ideas

Even students who are not in communication majors, including engineering and science majors, need to effectively communicate their ideas, from complex concepts to a pitching a new based on their discovery.

3 steps for a critical thinker, literate in this day in age. Everyone needs to be able to learn how to do to communicate

  • locate best information
  • identify patterns in that information
  • articulate a perspective for someone else to follow

Science & Memory

...is a project of the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication with a mission to tell complex stories of climate and environment throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond.
Students Engaging with Students

Lexi Oplinger, SDSU Student

...uses Spark Post to quickly communicate with fellow campus group participants by creating Facebook banners, Twitter invites and organization themes.

Education Department Publicizing a new Masters program

American Studies at CSU Fullerton

Vincent Fu | University of Utah Graduate

Science graduate desiring to make a meaningful and positive impact on his community while living life to the fullest, one day at a time.
Honors Bachelor of Science in Biology | Minor in Chemistry | Minor in Computer Science: University of Utah
Scientific research poster for the research presentation requirement of Vincent's Honors Biology degree.
“By honing my design skills with Adobe Creative Cloud, I’m differentiating myself and creating a strong first impression that helps kick start my future academic and career goals.”

Jake Sirianni

The Rap video that captured his place as an intern on the Jimmy Fallon Show

By using Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects, Jake inserted himself into the Daniel Radcliffe rap video, but instead Jake raps about why the Tonight Show should hire him as an intern.

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Donna Caldwell


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