UF in Beijing Internship by: Miriam grant

There are 2038 destinations to choose from when traveling abroad through the University of Florida.


-Structure of program

-Purpose of program participation

-Internship placements

-Skills to gain from internship

-Future steps

Structure of Program

1.) Pre-Departure Course- (May 1 - May 5)

2.) Cultural Discovery Week- (May 19 - May 25) Consists of touring different sites around Beijing, such as the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Summer Palace, etc.

3.) Business Internship- (May 26 - July 19), 35-40 hours per week working for a multinational company in Beijing that pertains to major of interest

Why the UF in Beijing program?

Internship Placements: Finance and Accounting, Architecture and Real Estate, Business, IT, Marketing, Public Relations, Advertising, NGOs, Charities

Skills to Gain from Internship:

1. Develop communication skills (verbal and nonverbal)

2. Professionalism (social interaction, dress, speech)

3. Adaptability for changing environments

4. Experiences from internship (more knowledge about particular field, hands-on experience)

5. Experience of the culture (Peking Duck Dinner Experience, China market visit to practice negotiation skills)

Future Steps/Application Process:

1. Submit resume to Jason Ward (November 1 - March 1)

2. Program Director interview (November 1 - March 11)

3. Notification if approved and complete other program applications

4. Internship placement office interview

5. Confirmation



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