Return to Learning providing piece of mind for schools

Students need to get back to learning, laughing, and sharing.

In the safest way possible for teachers, students, and those at home.

A turn-key program will make that happen.

Many Questions.

A vaccine is on the way - but there is much to consider.

When is it available? What do we do until then?

How do we get students and teachers back with Peace of Mind?

Providing Peace of Mind

Making it Easy

Until the vaccine is available, teachers can schedule a weekly at-home test through VaxAtlas and Everlywell.

When vaccines are available - notification to schedule vaccination will prompt in an on-demand app.

Schedule your COVID-19 vaccination at 1000's of convenient locations.

Family options to for easy management.

Reminders and scheduling for the second dose.

Vaccination or test result is stored in your secure, portable VaxVault for life.

Secure Confirmation.

VaxAtlas generates VaxPass printable or electronic QR to cruise through check points.

Schools can provide for employees and offer to families.

Peace of Mind and moving toward normal.


How many teachers are tested?

How many teachers and students are vaccinated?

Monitor tests and vaccinations scanned every day, week, month.

Simple. Secure. Start now.

Our next generation deserves to continue on their life journey.

Let us help.

The Power of Prevention.