Mum Look The Titanic Is Coming By: Jacob Duncklee

"Clifford, Mandy, Dora dinnéir ready!" My mom said as she was getting the plates out. Mandy, my brother, and I are racing downstairs trying to be the first at the dinner table.

" Do you two wait a minute before racing?" Dora, my deirfiúr, said as she was almost done with her dinner. "BOOMBAMCRASH" The door opened and my father ran into the house holding a newspaper.

"The TITANIC is almost ready for ag cur off to America!" I've never seen him so sásta before.

"Honey you know that were not going on the TITANIC because we have a great life here in Belfast" Slowly taking the nuachtán from my father.

" But we can have a níos fearr one in America"

"But you know that I don't like longa."

"Why don't we do a family vóta on it!" said Dora,

"Why that's a great smaoineamh. All who want to stay home!"Only two hands went up.

"Alright fine but we better have first class!"My mother said in díomá.

I'm trying to walk to school today but all I can do is run because of all the excitement. "Clifford whats wrong, are you running from a gangster?"

"No sir I'm just trying to get to school."

"Whatever, well you better get to school quickly to get a good education."

"Why do you say that to me every single day?"

" Because I made the mistake about school and barely made it to a poopy college and i don't want you to make the same botún."

"Oh" I said in brón.

"Well, see you later Mr. Doncaster"


"Microsoft wait up i need to tell you something!"

"What Clifford?"

" My father is buying first class tickets for my family ON THE TITANIC!"

"Lucky I only got third class!"

" HAHAHA loser!"

"Hey at least I got on the TITANIC unlike Apple."

"Wait he isn't going on the TITANIC?"


"I'm gonna miss him."


School Hall

"Kids are you ready to go on the TITANIC" Mom said while running around the house looking for a weird silly pig that she thinks is lucky. I'm trying to avoid her because I don't want to tell her the truth about Apple not coming to Meiriceá.

"Clifford Mandy Dora come down her I have a surprise for you!" Mom said.

" What Mam?"

"I got you all suitcases for the trip!"

"yeah" I said in auaigneach voice."

"Whats mícheart?"

"Apple isn't coming on the trip."

"Well it's because they cant afford it and they already have a great life here. You'll be fine alright."

"Alright." I said in a aoibh gháire.

"Mum look the TITANIC is coming!"

ag cur= taking














nios fearr=better





aoibh ghaire=smile


Created with images by katerha - "Titanic Commemorated" • Reading Tom - "Ulster Folk Museum" • Tim Green aka atoach - "Old school, Sherburn in Elmet" • MichaelGaida - "lost places lapsed old leave ruin building" • funnytools - "sea times titanic seagull pleasure boat"

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