ACC OUTING 18March2017 ArtDeco Hunt - springs

Creativity is one of the essential element of photography. You can not buy it and YouTube or Google can't teach you creativity. Fortunately we are all born with creativity pre-installed, all we have to do is to exercise and develop our creativity. A great way to exercise and develop the creative mind of a photographer is to shoot subject or genres you know very little about. This force you to think out of the box in order to come up with something unique and special. Come and exercise and stretch your "creativity muscles"...join us on the ArtDeco Hunt an architectural and Street Photography outing in Springs.

The City of Springs boasts the largest number of small scale Art Deco design buildings in the world, outside of Miami, Florida USA. The design style, which has become synonymous with the coastal town of Miami, is achieving more and more attention as potential tourism money-spinner for Springs.

The Art Deco design style had its hey-days between World Wars One and Two and achieved its prevalence in Springs, as this was also the period that characterised the greatest growth in the history of the town.

We will meet on the corner of 3rd and 2nd Street in Springs CBD at 15:00 on Saturday 18 March

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