Counselor By: katelyn weller

Daily Task of a counselor

school counselors provide counseling to individuals, and or small groups. School counselors may teach classes or hold special awareness events on topics such as bullying, abuse, or problems a child may have.

work skills needed

work skills needed for a school counselor are being able to think practically and not emotionally. they must be sympathetic to what a child is feeling or saying. High school counselors will often help students with college goals and to get credits needed to graduate.

Work Enviroment

A school counselor is going to work in a school 5 days a week and about 7-8 hours a day. Like teachers they get breaks when school is closed like spring break, summer break, and Christmas break, and the usual weekends off. They majority of the time work with teachers, kids, and sometimes there parents depending on the situation.


A typical salary of a school counselor is around $53,000 and is normally paid about $25 a hour.

Education Needed

Most states require school counselors to have a teaching license.

issues for a counselor

problems that may rise for counselors are that attitudes from children and parents that might not like or agree about what you think. counselor also must face pressures on dealing with kids that are struggling with either school, behavior, or even home issues.


Being a school counselor you get similar benefits to teachers, vacation time during summer, and breaks for Christmas and spring. When you retire they get good medical retirement. Also making a life long impact on a students life.


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