Skin Cancer By: Caitlin Dixon

What is Skin Cancer?

Commonly and locally destructive cancerous growth of skin.


-Ultraviolet light exposure

-Chronically suppressed immune system


-Exposure to ionizing radiation of chemicals

-Sexually acquired wart viruses

-Family history of skin cancer

-Elderly patients


Skin cancer comes from DNA mutations in the basaloid cells in the upper layer of skin cells.


-Shiny pink, red, pearly or transparent bumps

-Raised patch of skin that may crust or itch

-Flat brown scar

-Crusted surface on skin

-Large brown spot

-Mole changes color, shape, or size

-Irregular mole boarder

Reducing Risk

-Stay in the shade

-Wear covering clothing

-Wear a hat

-Wear sunglasses

-Use sunscreen

-Avoid indoor tanning

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