Da Lightbulb An invention of Thomas Edison

Hey You! Yeah....you! You want something that can make your day 10 X easier? How about the lightbulb! From liberty lights we bring you this amazing invention by Thomas Edison and we have it in all shapes and sizes! But don't just get it from us! Here's everything YOU need to know!

This Invention that we are talking about is none other than lightbulb. What else? So lets talk what are the pro's and what are the "Ahem" Non-existing cons?? Well lets see we have the ability to see at night? How about the ability to burn for so long you will litterly have been sitting for 1200 hours! I know it's crazy. Your wondering who should buy this incredible device.Well how about you! Yeah you! I mean.....we all kind of need light am I right? This product can be bought for only 1 dollar. It's a great steal and we encourage you to take it. You can find this company on top of monumental mountain!



Oh.....and Thomas Edison was born at Milan OH.

We needed that info so......The end of this I guess.

All Reaserch and Recourse crediting! The following websites were used. Thomasedison.inventions.org ThomasEdison.com Historyofthelightbulb.com Bulbs.com Departmentofenergy.gov



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