How Do Your Bath Towels Hold Up? So many choices

Bath towels come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and textures making it hard to really predict the outcome of what the final product will feel like after several washings.

Some people prefer a thinner towel that wraps nicely around their head. Others would rather have them thick and fluffy, feeling soft and whisking the water right off their body without too much effort. Whichever type you are; Target has bath towels for everyone!

Fast Dry Bath Towels are widely used because people like to own a towel that will not hold the water. It saves drying time and also allows reuse of the towel without having to rewash it after every use. The Fast Dry Bath towels come in many colors to suit your bathroom decorating needs. You can check them out here:

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Maybe you aren’t the type of person who really cares for a fast drying towel and are more into the traditional Performance type of bath towel. This towel is Target’s best-selling most popular towel. It’s 100% cotton, very durable and has double needle ends! Being “Oeko-Tex” certified makes this towel safe for any age--knowing there were no harmful chemicals used in their production. Check out the amazing selection Target carries here:

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Target has lived up to its name since 1962, providing America with its most trusted brands and products. You can always try Walmart or one of those dollar stores to purchase your bath towels but you know the brand won’t stand behind the name or the quality. We’d love to hear your thoughts on Bath towels and your experiences with them!

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