Florida Museum of Natural History Rahul Gummadi

The exhibit was appealing to me because I have always had a fascination with prehistoric animals. It got my attention because of the sheer size of the skeleton. I could have looked up the size of the Mastodon, however seeing the proportion, how big its leg was compared to mine, gave me a better picture of the size of this amazing animal. Looking up the height and seeing it in person creates two different effects and seeing it in person was more awe-inspiring. The museum brought my imagination into a frenzy, as dozens of extinct animals had skeletons in this museum, and it caused me to wonder what they'd be like if alive, and how amazing it would be to bring them back to life and observe them.
The museum allowed me to appreciate the natural world in a greater sense than before. It showed me the wonders of the natural world that people don't see every day. I felt a lot smaller as I went through the museum, as I discovered different animals and habitats that I had never seen and I discovered how vast and amazing the natural world is. Other people, I presume, had the same thoughts as me. Many times people think like they are in a bubble, and whatever they see is what the world is like. But, this museum helps to open the minds of its visitors and show what the world is really like. The museum allowed us to interact with and observe beautiful instances in nature. It instilled in me a responsibility to take care of the Earth, just as the Native Americans did. We should live off of the land, but not by destroying it. We must have a symbiotic relationship with the Earth instead of destroying the place that has nurtured us.
The museum helps us to step into a vast world of interesting creatures. This exhibit for the butterfly is amazing and beautiful. This photo shows just how beautiful the exhibit is. It looks as if I had left Gainesville completely and went into the rainforest. The vegetation, the animals, and everything else are things I cannot see on a daily basis, and it was a great experience to see all of it. The fact that all of this was just down the street from me is amazing. These exhibits showed the great wonders of the world and the past, and it helped me discover my place in this world as just another one of trillions of creatures that have roamed this Earth. The museum made the world seem like more of a magical place.

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