What's a visual pun? A Brief Introduction


pun: (n) Generally takes the place of a word that's understandable in context and replaces it with a same-sounding word to create an entirely new meaning. Or, it replaces a word with a similar-sounding one to the same effect.


Visual Puns

Examine this visual pun.


What's the pun? How does the visual help you understand the pun?

visual pun: (n) has both a pun and a visual that gives information about the pun. The visual and pun help create a message.

You can use a typical phrase or an idiom and convert it into a pun by using a silly visual or changing a word.

More Visual Puns

Here are some puns that use idioms and a visual to create a visual pun.

Bad Hair Day (idiom)

It's now or never! (idiom)

Do you have a favorite so far?

Assess your understanding

Evaluate this visual pun. What is the message?

Create your own pun

You've explored a few visual puns. Are you inspired to create your own? What idiom or phrase would you use to create a pun?

What do you think about puns?

I fawn over visual puns. How about you?


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