1. Roylin Bailey is going through hard trouble and the reason why is because there is this new girl at his school that he really wanted to know more about. So one day after his class was over he spotted her and asked if she wanted to sit over there with at lunch. They started talking more and more and before you knew she strated to like him too. One day after school korie wanted to show him a necklace that she really liked at the mall.So she wanted the necklace really bad because her birthday was next friday. But roylin really wanted to get the necklace for korie and he would do anything to geth the necklace for her.Roylin Bailey asked everybody for some extra money for him to get the necklace. But than royin remebered that Mr.miller had alot of money so one evening he went inside his house and got some money out of his wallet and took it.He though of it as borrowing untill he would pay him back. But the next day some man told him that Mr.miller had a heart attack and roylin was devestated. But it was because of him that he had an heart attack. roylin knew that what he had did was bad....And the mad told roylin that they can dig him up but royin didnt want to do that.
Roylin took Mr.Millers money and thought it would be okay but when Mr.Miller woke up he was devestated because before all that the bank had a took all of Mr.miller didnt want that to happen him again. So when mr.miller woke up in the morning he had a major heart attack and died and roylin felt so bad he said he felt like hes father because his father was mean to him and he didnt want to be like him he said that he makes fun of people but other than that he doesnt try to hurt people like hit father hurt his family but suddenly his family started saying that "your starting to act like your father now".
Roylin really wanted to give korie this necklace for her birthday and he would absoultley do anything to get it for her and he was also so excited to give it to her because he felt if he got it for her that she would like him more so you should most of his friends plus his sister aberlynn.
when roylin was comig home from a day at school the lawn person stopped him and told him that he saw him take the money from mr.miller and that everything would be fine they would just burry him and it would be their little secret but roylin didnt want to burry mr.miller he felt so bad about what he done and he regreted all of it


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