Marco polo Viktor

Imagine seeing lions,Tigers, snakes,elephants,and monkey's. When he was born he wanted to be a adventurer like his father. He is famous because he is a adventurer and has alot of money. Do you want to learn about Marco Polo?

Csew goes Marco polos bow. He was born in Venice Italy in 1254 may,13. He is rich because he has alot of money. He is selfish because he doesn't share his money to poor people. He is adventures because he went to China for twenty years. He is kind because he is kind to his parents every day. Do you want to learn about Marco Polo.


Created with images by meritxell-anfitrite - "Los viajes de Marco Polo" • nathanh100 - "Map of Macau-Hong Kong Area, 2008" • La-Línea-del-Horizonte - "Los viajes de Marco Polo" • hoyasmeg - "Oriental Marco Polo_1118_c"

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