"For me being A Percussionist is an endless persue for precision

in the constant flow of time wich to me is perceived as a living thing

not only going backwards to nourish from its roots & forward by finding new ways of expression

but also having the capacity to dive for the pearls of the present , manifested as spontanoius inspirations"

born in 1972

spent his first years with his grandparents of yemen origin

thus feeding on the ancient tradition of the Diwan

(gatherings of chanting singing & dancing)

as a child he learned the theory of western music & the piano

but only as a young men after answering the call for a spiritual quest & going to india

did he start his journey of learning the theory & practice of the music of the ancient east

With an emphasis on Zarb and Daf from the Persian and Babylonian traditions

very soon started accompinying his teachers

& for the past 25 years participated in many concerts , dance perfomances ,spiritual gathrings

collaborated with some of the best artists in the field of music and dance in israel

to name a few Piris & Mark Eliyahu, Itzhak & Eitan Refua,Yardena Cohen & Miri Alon

cunducted workshops & have been teaching in various schools

has been playing with Mohamed & Daniell Alnuma for mor than 10 years


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