Highrise Challenge

Summary: Feel the excitement of robotics competition as you apply you skills and knowledge from previous units to build a challenge-ready controller-operated robot capable of completing Teamwork Skills and Robot Skills matches in the VEX IQ Challenge game.

Criteria: robot must fit into the 30cm dimensions box to be eligible to compete

Each team member must record at least 1 attempt in the challenge

Rules: all robots must start with the back of the robot touching the back of the competition field, blocks must be completely in the scoring zone, only like colored blocks to be stacked


Tomorrow we are going to use the book to completely build the claw-bot, After we completely build the claw-bot, we will start to modify. I have discussed with my group mates about how we should test and figure out the best operator is


On Friday we completely had the drive base finished, and about half of the crane finished. Today I want to finish the crane and be testing it by trying to stack as many blocks as it can. I will then modify it accordingly after it either succeeds or fails.


Yesterday we got our all except 1 page of our claw done. Today I want to complete that last page of instructions to finish up the claw part. I would like to test for how many blocks our robot can stack today.


Yesterday I figured out that there was much more to the claw bot than I had expected. Today we will just be working on finishing it if we can. If we get finished, I would like to test how many blocks it can stack. I


Yesterday, we got to step 80 in the packet. There are ~90 steps total if I recall correctly. I would like to finish up the robot today, and test for accuracy with stacking the blocks. After that is done I will make my modifications accordingly


Yesterday we finished our robot. Today I want to test for accuracy. I will then modify accordingly. I hope that we done break anything today.


Today is competition day. If this is going to take a couple of days, I am hoping that we can go on the second day. I feel like we are not nearly ready enough to try to attempt the competition today. We still have not seen how good of a driver Joey is, since he hasn't been here.

The fact I can get it right away with a lot more fun and addicting and I don't think that it was not immediately available to all of them in my head and a lot people are just a few just want just don't understand how much you love it and it is not an issue , but it was

Today we had a competition in which the challenge was to stack blocks. We had about a week to build a robot, each of us got a chance to go once.

I think that the competition went very well. We placed 3rd in the whole competition. We did not make many modifications. Solomon and I drove well, with 30 pints a piece. Joey tried his hardest with 3 points. We had good balance and stability.

I think that most of the difficulties in this challenge stemmed from Joey not being here. Not that I'm implying that it was his fault, but with only Solomon here, it was harder. He was ready to give up after about 30 seconds of looking for a piece. I just think that there has to be more patience when we are missing a person, but hopefully that doesn't happen again. It worked out fine, but could have been a more pleasant experience if Joey was here during creation. I guess that I could get better at working faster, since we didn't finish as fast

We placed 3rd total, and everything worked out fine in my opinion. Not great, but fine.

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