Chapter 3 by milan barrault-fandre

Creative - Christmas;Cold;Vibrant

For this Creative section I had to capture photos that had to relate to the holidays, specifically Christmas. I really wanted to capture photos of ornaments but during the process, I found different little aspects of my house that reminded me of the Christmas season; cold, bright but dark at the same time, and vibrancy in the colors. The middle right photo is a photo of a popular French dish known as Fondue. It is widely eaten around the Christmas time in France as it gets cold during the season.
I decided to cast this one as my main enlarged photo because this Christmas ornament has a lot of meaning to my family. We are a French family and really enjoy the French culture such as cheese, wine, singing, and a lot of enlightened practices. Thus, this ornament serves as a display of what this family loves. Brie is a type of cheese that comes from the south of France and is loved throughout France.


This is a self portrait of Richard Avedon himself. He makes an effort to show contrast between the light on the skin. There is a lot of shadow from the glasses. He also used an all black shirt to make a contrast between the background and his shirt.
I tried to replicate the photo by using Alex as a model. I used the white background to make it similar to the other photo. I used some glasses and also made the photo black and white. I added some more contrast as well.

Passion - For this passion project I am deciding to capture my environment around my house. I live in the mountains so I am surrounded by magnificent and enormous redwoods and other trees. The wildlife around my house is the most iconic thing I remember from my childhood of running through the forest and exploring the low, desolate wildlife that surrounded my 7 year old self.

the winding tree
the metallic sunshine
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