A Message to all our Dear Clients from Do It Better Wellness™ from the bottom of our heart

We are here for you!

Our Top Priority is Your Employee Safety and Wellbeing.

We are providing a Wellbeing Continuity Plan and continue supporting your employees and their families stay healthy during this transition to help you save costs and maintain employee morale.

Continue your trust in Do It Better Wellness™, your TRUE One-Stop-Shop. Learn from our experts effective ways to embrace current moments, developing your wellbeing toolkit to maintain sustainable and mindful health habits with our extensive array of wellness and coaching sessions delivered LIVE ONLINE through robust technology during social distancing times.

Simply contact us to schedule a session at a convenient date, just as we do/have done so far during our engagements. We are flexible and ready!

Group Sessions

COVID-19 is rapidly making our lives change and we need to, rapidly then, adapt. Learn with our Wellbeing experts sustainable ways to maintain a balanced health practice for Body, Mind and Spirit.

10 Tips for Daily Wellbeing™

Learn very practical, real and sustainable healthy habits that can be implemented quickly and effortlessly to maintain optimal health, especially during quarantine and confinement.

DIBW Proprietary

Nutrition and the Immune System™ (COVID-19)

Stay healthy during outbreaks! In this session, you will learn how to recreate your plate, boosting your immune system for better ability to prevent and fight disease and weight management strategies for potential additional sedentarism.

DIBW Proprietary

Emotional Agility™ Series: Coping With Uncertain Times

DIBW Proprietary

In times of change it is natural to feel a little lost. Learn practical tips to understand ways to cope with the current state of things, manage stressors and move forward positively. Key Note and Series available.

DIBW Proprietary

Avoiding and Preventing Loneliness™

Develop awareness of human connectedness effect in mental and emotional health and learn real and applicable techniques to create meaningful connections to positively engage with others as well as coping mechanisms when sociability is not possible.

DIBW Proprietary

Emotional Agility™ Series: Managing today’s VUCA™

DIBW Proprietary

Transform your attitude to fear and risk and overcome thought paralysis and disruptions with practical insights and strategies to manage the current Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity (VUCA) affecting our health.

DIBW Proprietary

Keys for Building Resilience™

Creating an action roadmap to transform ‘apathy’ and ‘burnout’ into confidence and resilience.

DIBW Proprietary

Coping with Uncertain Times™

DIBW Proprietary tips to cope with insecurity and heightened positive moving forward.

Overcoming Fear with Mindful Creativity™

Learn what happens to the brain in state of fear and practical tips to combat fear with proven techniques of inventiveness and liveliness.

DIBW Proprietary

Overcoming Fear with Mindful Movement™

DIBW Proprietary and Evidence Based body movement techniques that affect positively our brain for calmness and stress reduction.

Mindfulness Meditation

Easy to learn techniques for stress reduction, mind clarity, achieving focus, staying present.

Breathing Better™

Breathing well, especially in lieu of potential respiratory diseases, is the most important and essential body function. Learn diverse ways to improve your breathing to stay calm, re-energize and overall better breathing abilities.

Chair Yoga

Yoga stretches, breathing, and postures to improve wellness on non-wheeled chairs as supportive mechanism.

Yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga

Yoga stretches, breathing, and postures to improve wellness. Using Mat as supporting mechanism. Use your own mat and blocks/straps as needed.

Agile Mindful Movement™

Balance, agility and adaptability routines that improve chronic conditions, such as arthritis and joint health.

DIBW Proprietary

Stretching and Relaxation™

DIBW Proprietary techniques to incorporate body and mind relaxation, as well as preventing muscle stiffness and injuries.

Managing Energies™

DIBW Proprietary Practical tips to manage our Physical, Mental, and Emotional Energy; especially in times of turmoil and uncertainty.

Re-Activate Yourself™

With our proprietary and patented session, we will synthesize our needs hierarchy, realizing relationships between our Wellbeing, Emotions, and our Brain to Transform our view of Life to feel Safe and Secure.

DIBW Proprietary

Meeting Happiness™ Series

DIBW Proprietary

Redefining Happiness, implementing positivity, handling stress, becoming resilient. Key Note and Series available.

DIBW Proprietary

Sleep Better™

Very practical tips to improve sleep for great performance, productivity and happiness.

DIBW Proprietary

Wake up Better™

Higher energy and better immunity incorporating observant routines that will allow us to have a better day.

DIBW Proprietary

Seasons and Transitions™

Natural views to prevent illness and benefit from season changes.

DIBW Proprietary

Rejuvenating Lifestyles™

DIBW Proprietary Practical and real tips to obtain a healthy lifestyle with smart, sustainable goal setting.

Biophilic Environment

Develop stress free, creative workspaces, which enhance our overall wellbeing.

DIBW Proprietary

Art and Wellness™ Series

Creatively find mind focus, relaxation, and overall wellbeing.

DIBW Proprietary and Diverse Methodologies.

Body Mechanics

Body movements to prevent injuries while exercising, lifting weights, walking, running, squatting, dancing, and more.

DIBW Proprietary

Exercise at Home Made Easy

Fitness Anywhere and Strengthening™. Obtain effective fitness results without gym equipment.

DIBW Proprietary

Zumba® and Variations

The most fun way to add cardio through dance fitness and different beats in intervals.

Tai Chi and Qi Gong Intro and Series

Self-Awareness, mental and body balance. Gentle flow and body-mind connection.

Chakras and Wellness™

Our patented method to show how to see the Human Chakra System as a pathway to find a better life balance and overall wellbeing.

DIBW Proprietary

Better Brain Series™

Fun, interactive brain games and/or exercises to enhance memory, learning and attention.

DIBW Proprietary

Music and Wellness™

Wellbeing of body and mind through music, movement, and sound.

DIBW Proprietary

Senses and Health™

Enhance wellbeing through human sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch.

DIBW Proprietary

Real Mindful Eating™

DIBW Proprietary Practical tips to understand real meaning behind being a mindful eater, especially in times of uncertainty and stress; not just to manage weight, but to create a sustainable model of food intake understanding.

Food Safety

Handle, prepare and store food in the safest possible way to prevent food contamination and spoilage.

Healthy Cooking

Nutrient meals prepared easy and within a budget for families, while learning about the wellbeing benefits of ingredients at hand and positive ways to mix and match what you have at home.

Men Stay Healthy Too™

Designed for Men, learn from our coaches to how to optimize our physical, mental and emotional (yes, men get emotional too!) endurance to cope with uncertainty.

DIBW Proprietary

Sociability and Emotional Endurance™

DIBW Proprietary Exclusive session. Understanding ‘Personality’ and indicators that help us manage our emotions when interacting with others. [Assessment may apply]

Financial Wellbeing

Educational techniques and games to identify factors affecting financial family needs; learning ways to budget and save.

Posture and Wellness™

Adapting the way we sit to our different environments, such as home in these new times of working remotely and making the most out of it to prevent injuries and feel productive.

Live Online Wellness Summits

Wellness Days: Mini Conference with back to back great 30-minute topics over half-day or a day.

Wellness Fair Over a 2 hour period: Station after station, learn tidbits from the sessions you would like to attend for as long as you like and keep enjoying a variety of topics.

Focused Nutrition Series

DIBW Proprietary Exclusive sessions with an entire Curriculum of Evidence Based and Research Topics. Delivered by Registered Dietitians, Board Licensed (not just 'Nutritionists').

Food and Mood Connection™: Awareness of how the food we consume affects our state of mind, eating mindfully.

Shopping Smarter™: Nutrition Panels Real meaning of nutrition labels from packaged foods.

Nutrition and Immune System™: Recreate your plate, boosting your immune system to better prevent and fight disease.

Diets: Truths and Myths Series™: ‘Diets don’t work’: Learn sustainable ways to manage body weight.

Real Mindful Eating™: Understand how to enjoy food as an experience that nourishes our body and minds.

Sustainable Portion Control™: Managing the amount we intake for optimal nutrition and health with practical techniques.

Eating Healthy Done Right™: Demystifying typical foods over conversation and games, learning to eat right.

Know Your Numbers™: Identifying, remembering, and keeping optimal biometrics.

Healthy Twists™: Easy and healthy adaptations on classic food combinations for a better you.

Food Allergies vs. Food Intolerances™: Fueling our body, learning about food intolerances/allergies.

Metabolism and Nutrition™: How Metabolism really works, and its effects on weight and health.

Nutrition at Every Life Cycle™: Based on our changes with age, learn guidelines to fuel our body properly. For men, for Women, for both.

Food Addictions™: Becoming aware of what makes us attracted to foods and their effect on our wellbeing.

Aging Healthy™: Understanding ways to fuel our body, which affect our aging in the healthiest ways.

6-week or 12-week Diabetes Management: Fit a healthy lifestyle in your busy schedule, while managing Diabetes properly.

Managing Type II Diabetes: Ways to properly fuel our body to sustainably maintain Diabetes II.

Nutrition and Chronic Illnesses™: Properly obtain nutrients, managing a specific chronic illness. Gluten-Free Diet, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Heart Health, and more.

Nutrition and Supplements™: Learning about the right supplements for our body condition, age and other factors.

Food Safety: Handle food in the safest possible way to prevent food contamination.

Exercise and Nutrition™: Guidelines for the very active; and/or preparing for a challenge (race, competition)

Weight Management For Everyone™: Simplest rules and sustainable steps to manage weight at any age or season.

Individualized Programs

Life Coaching with Master Certified Life Coach

One on One direction, stress management, and exclusive guidance to learn proven techniques to get ‘unstuck’ and move forward positively.

Wellness Coaching

Individual guidance with Wellness Educators to develop, execute and monitor a tailored plan of action to address your unique and specific health needs.

Holistic Care

Individual Consultation learning about our natural elements and using diverse methodologies of alternative care.

Mental Health with Certified Licensed Professional Counselor

Individual and small group mental health assistance with Licensed Professional Counselors to help you with coping mechanisms and distress during these traumatic times.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction prevention and Counseling with Certified CAADC

Individual and small group mental health assistance with Certified Drug and Alcohol Addiction Counselors to prevent and manage substance addiction, especially during these trying times.


Channeling (even through distance) physical and emotional energy for stress reduction, relaxation and healing.

Nutrition Counseling

One-on-one counseling tailored to your unique nutrition needs with a Registered Dietitian, licensed by the Board.

Integrative Yoga Therapy (IYT)

Using special Yoga techniques to alleviate pain, suffering, and chronic illness stress.

We Are Here For You!

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