"1000" Day This is NOt A soft & fuzzy workout!

I'm often asked "what kind of exercises do you do?" That is a HUGE question that has a ton of answers! The best way for I know to help is to provide

The Rules of the Game.

As the name says, you are going to get to 1000 points. The time of this workout will vary immensely from person to person and day to day. Are you ready? Just yell YES and get started.

  • You must do a combination of cardio and weights. No more than 600 points with cardio activity.
  • Walk/jog/run for 1 mile equals 100 points - Max of 200 points
  • Bike for 2 miles for 100 points - Max of 200 points
  • Your least favorite cardio machine for 5-10 minutes for 50 points - max 100 points
  • Squats - 1 point each
  • Burpees- 2 points each
  • Floor/standing crunches - 50 for 25 points
  • Jumping jacks - 50 for 25 points
  • Skipping (yes, I said skipping!) - 10 points for 1 minute
  • Cable machines - 1 point per rep
Celebrate your own personal abilities! Push yourself today!
Use weights that you are able to feel the strain by your 5th rep. If you don't feel it you need to up the weight!
It is up to you to push yourself! Every couple of minutes you should increase your level or speed.then you can lower it again.
Feel free to do free weights in place of machines!


Created By
Amber - Fatty Gets Skinny Podcast


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