Biomedical Engineer Delaney Stacy 7th period

What They Do

Biomedical Engineers work in different areas of medicine focusing on various ways that technology can be used to treat or alleviate biological or medical problems. Some look at different substances are processed on the body and generate medicines to enhance those processes.

Work Condition & Environment

Most biomedical engineers work inside. This type of engineer work in research labs. Some biomedical engineers focus on devolving materials that will promote or that can replace worn or injured body parts.

Job Outlook

The job of a biomedical engineer is increasing at a 23% from 2014-2024 that is much faster then usually. I would say there is a lot of people in this field because there is different things you can study. it can be electronically medical or not.


To be a biomedical Engineer you have to have a four year college degree. Many have degrees in chemical or electrical engineer. But also take many per-med classes.

Near By Collages

Kaplan University


The current salary of a Biomedical Engineer is $51,506.

I choose this occupation...

I choose this occupation because I have an interest in medical engineering. Also chemical and electrical engineering.

Study Skills I Can Improve

* Math and Physics

* Building mechanical things



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