Tumble, Stick It, and Fall. The Game of Gymnastics By:Cohen Hanley

Solos or Duets-What Do You prefer?

To do gymnastics, you will need a routine either with someone or by yourself. What one would you be better at? I am better at solo (a act by yourself) , and i prefer solo too. A duet is more than one person, so a group act. A group act is harder to follow, because you need the right skills and you have to look the same. What one would you prefer?

This is a guy gymnast, and he competes solos

GYMNASTICS-Here We Go!!!!!!!!!!

To do gymnastics you will need the right clothing to be successful, such as a tank top (a shirt that has no sleeves) or a leo. You do not think clothing matters in gymnastics but they are very important. You will also need a coach or a team. In addition, boys wear tank tops and long sweat pants or short shorts. On the other hand girls wear a leotard which is a tight tank top but with a bottom coming from the top of the leotard. The boys uniform is called a unitard. A unitard is a tight tank top with pants, or shorts. The tight uniforms help you flip faster. These clothings make you more successful in gymnastics.

This is a men's unitard

Floor,Bar,Vault,Mushroom,Rings,Parallel Bars, plama horse

These are the men's events. These events are usually hard to perform (showing a act in front of people). The hardest one is mushroom, or parallel bars. The easiest event is rings, or bars well for me. Let's go to floor, to be able to do floor successful you will need a cartwheel. To do a cartwheel you need to put your hands on the floor, and lean your body. So you should have a sideways straddle in the air. After that, you will need to let your hands go and land back in a lunge. Now, to do a roundoff you will need to run about three or four steps, then put your hands on the floor like you're doing a cartwheel. After that release your legs and push on the floor. Than you will want to spring up very fast. That is some skills on floor. My best event is floor, and rings. Those are the boys gymnastic events.

This is a diagram of how to do a cartweel

Famous Fabulous Gymnasts

One of the most famous, and best gymnast is Simone Biles. Simone Biles is on the United States team, and is the best gymnast in the world. Another gymnast on the united states team is Gabby Douglas. Gabby Douglas came in second place all around this year in Rio (a place in Africa that 2016 Olympics were hold). The oldest gymnast is Nadia Comaneci, she is fifty-five. Those were some fabulous, and famous gymnasts.

This is Simone Biles

I am a gymnast, and i compete around the state. I am a level 4 gymnast. Gymnastics has always been my passion.

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