Nucleus Created by: Rachel-Mae Hunter

Why does a nucleus have particular folds?

The shape of a Nucleus varies widely. It can vary from spherical for doubly magic nuclei, to ellipsoidal and sometimes pear shapes.

Is the nucleus located in a specific region in a cell?

Yes, the nucleus is located in the middle of a cell. The nucleus is the most central and most important part of a cell, it is like the heart of a cell.

What is the main focus of the Nucleus?

The main focus of the nucleus is to regulate gene expression, control cell growth and replication.

How does the nucleus' function allow it to work?

There are pores and spaces for RNA and proteins to pass through while the nuclear envelope keeps all of the chromatin and nucleolus inside.

What part of BCIT does the nucleus represent?

Since the nucleus is the main focus of a cell; and sort of like the heart of all lifeforms,I would say the nucleus of BCIT is all of its career major choices. The school wouldn't even be called Burlington County Institute of Technology if It was not a technical school where you would go to learn a trade.

Discussion questions for after the video:

1) Who mathematically proved the existence of atoms and molecules in 1905?

2) What was Einsteins theory about the grain of pollen that moved randomly even though there was no movement that caused it to sway?

3) How many times smaller is the Nucleus from an Atom as a whole?

4) Think about it : What are the three charges that reside in the nucleus?

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