Christopher Columbus born in november 9th 1451 genoa italy

A Birth Of A Young Sailer

A young boy is born!!! In Genoa Italy. When Christopher Columbus was a kid his dad said that he would be the owner of his dads wool weaving business. But Christopher had other plans, He wanted to be a captain of his own ship!?!? As a kid Christopher watched ships leave and dock at the dock. he hoped to work on a ship some day. When he was fourteen he spent his time working with his dad and sailing on a ship, He sailed to Ireland and Iceland. He also learned how to steer a ship in the open sea witch would be useful in later life. At nineteen he was a strong young boy nobody knows really what he looked like. Some say that he had red hair, pale skin, tall with wide shoulders, and light blue eyes. Not only was he strong, But his mind was sharp. Also some people said that he was really stubborn but he had a bad temper. He was also really sure of him self when he made a choice he would always stick to it. And he was sure of one thing that he would a popular and rich sailor. In 1476 his ship was attacked by french warships and it went into flames. he survived and managed to make it to shore. He was close to a small fishing village in Portugal and the villagers helped him and fed him. After a couple of years he moved in with his brother who also live din Portugal. They started a map making business. They would ask ship captains for information about ship routes and landmarks. They wanted to make maps to the indies so they could get spices such as... pepper, ginger, cloves and cinnamon. people used spices to flavor food, In Egypt Italian merchants could buy spices that could be sold all over Europe for a lot of money. If they could find a route to the indies they could stock up and spices. They would not need to rely on the Italian merchants for spices. If you could find a route to the indies would grow rich from selling spices. He was determined to be the first to sail west to the indies. The king of Portugal tried to send ships to the indies following a route around Africa then east but the ships kept turning back!!! The sailors said "this route is too long and I don't know where were going!!!". But Christopher had another idea. A really good one, He thought... He would sail west to the indies!!! He would sail right across the ocean sea!!! Some people laughed at his plan. Sail across the ocean sea!?!? That would take months!!! He would not be able to bring enough food and water they would not be able to survive!?!? He did not have a answer for the questions. So he read more. He read book after book about traveling around the world. One of these books said that there were only three thousand nautical miles between the Canary islands and Japan. Japan was a place in the indies that Christopher wanted to go to!!! Another book about the indies said there were men with umbrella shaped feet, people with eyes on there shoulders, and weird creatures half lion and half eagle!!! Most people thought that they were all myths. But still the more he read the more he became excited he got. In 1478 he married Perestrello e Moniz. Her family had friends at the kings court but it was not until 1484 that he met king john 2 of Portugal. He said that he knew the way to the indies. And that he would bring back lots and lots of gold. The king said "NO". He was not discouraged he went and asked the king and queen of Spain but they were in the middle of a war and what did that mean waiting. He settled in the city of C`ordoba he met a young girl there named Beatriz Enriquez de Harana. two years later she gave birth to a boy named Ferdinand. And one may 1st 1486 he met the king and queen of Spain after three years the king and queen said YES!!! So they started getting ready for a years worth of sailing. Now he needed ships and a crew so the queen made the town of Palos build him 2 ships. It was a lot of money to build the ships but she still made the people of Palos pay for it. He also wanted a big ship and so he chose the Santa Maria. So in August 2nd 1492 he gathered his crew and prayed and set sail. On October 10th he found land on October 12th he reached land. but what they did not know was that there were people watching them Columbus stared at them and as they crept closer. They were the Taino. They gave them gold,birds. but no spices. But what he did not know is that he was in the Bahamas. On October 28th they arrived at Cuba he saw that the Native Americans had gold on there ankles and wrists he be came happy. On Christmas eve the ship hit (Santa maria) a coral reef. The Native Americans saved them and brought them to land. Columbus built a fort and 40 men would stay there while he would set sail. On January 4th 1493 they came across the pinta!!! The two ships sailed home until a bad storm separated them again. On march 15th Columbus docked at Palos and saw the king and queen right as he got there. And Christopher got to keep the bet. Orders were given for Columbus's second trip. To return to Hispainiola bring back the crew left there, and to leave more men to settle there. He commanded a ship called "Santa Maria" in honor of the one that got wrecked. He left off the port of Cadiz. He checked out new islands he found cotton,parrots, and fruit. And ooh the scenery. On the night of November 27th 1493 the Taino brought him bad news that the fort was burnt down and that the Spaniards were dead. So he built a new settlement in a swap like area and they named there fort after there queen Isabella. It was a bad spot gnats and Mosquitoes swarmed around the men biting there flesh, many of the men got sick and ill. The crops was not growing well. or maybe they were just plain tired? On February 2nd 1494 12 ships went home but why did Columbus stay? His desire to find gold. He could not find gold at all!!! So he took three ships back to Cuba as well as two other islands he had visited. When he returned back to Hispaniola in the end of September 1494. He was really ill and still did not find that much gold. Back at Isabella the mosquitoes were getting larger and the men were getting angrier and sicker. Things were going really bad. He took 500 slaves back to Spain. Columbus put his brothers Bartolomeo and Diego in charge of Isabella. It was march 10th 1496 Two ships were loaded and sent back to Spain. while they where returning was rough. He reached Spain in July 1496. There men looked like they where through war when they got back. They sent him on a voyage from southern Spain on May 30th 1498. He had six ships this time. There was blazing heat it lasted for eight days. He found a land off of south America though he could not explore it. He wanted to go back to Hispainiola. Arriving in Santo Domingo. His brothers were no longer in charge some had rebelled and it was just chaos!!! That August the king and queen sent someone to go and check on them and they reported back saying " It was chaos there". Columbus and his brothers were arrested and brought back to Spain. After he was released from prison he asked the king and queen one last time and what did they say "YES!" though this time they only provided 4 old ships and so he set sail for the 4th time. The stars twinkled at night then he realized that a hurricane was on its way!!! They had to stay in the storm for a long time until they found a island called Nicaragua where they stopped for repairs. Then he went to what is now north of Panama, He that he found gold. At first the Natives were peaceful they traded but not for long in the spring 400 Natives appeared with bows and arrows. A battle lasted for three hours in the end seven Spaniards and ten Natives lay dead. He was sick and ill he climbed to the top of the ship and cried out there was no reply he cried out again then someone said "you will be okay well come help soon" after the war he left the other ships witch were in pieces and went to Jamaica witch is where they stayed for the next year. They where stranded and so he sent a couple of people to get a ship to rescue them. But the Native Americans stopped bringing food and he told them that god was mad at them and that they needed to start bringing them food again when the lunar eclipse. He was fifty and his eye sight was failing. He was in poor health and in constant pain all the time. He arrived in Spain he never got to set eyes on her again because she was dead and three weeks after his arrival he died on May 20th 1506. He died thinking that he had reached the indies but no he had found a new world.

If i was a crew member with christopher columbus

Hi!!! I'm sailing with Christopher Columbus, So far I love the sea when I was a boy I was with my dad on a ship once when I was a kid. Though he does have a bad temper. He's really sharp minded too. we've been though some storms some bad some OK. A little later the Santa Maria crashed on a coral reef I survived the crash the Taino saved us. And brought us to shore we built a fort there called the Santa Maria in honor of the one that got wrecked. He left us here while he went somewhere I do not know where though. One day I was hunting and when I came back the fort was bernt down to the ground. Then a while later Christopher saved me and brought me back to Spain and thats when I saw my wife and my children. And thats the end of my voyage.

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