Tattoos on the Heart By Briar braddocK


The theme of these chapters is following your dreams. Father Boyle followed his dreams to open a bakery for homies. He gave them a second chance, because most people that have made mistakes would not be able to have a job. This relates to my life because I should remember that people deserve a second chance. I should follow my dreams and never give up because I could help so many people, like Father G did.

Chapter 1 God, I Guess

My favorite story was Ramiro. His story goes along with the chapters theme: a second chance. Tattoos are seen as a permanent thing, and Father Boyle giving Ramiro a second chance at life with Homeboy industries is like a tattoo removal. I liked that he knows that he knows he needs a second chance and gets it. One of my favorite things displayed was that mistakes were not seen as a permanent thing.

Chapter 2 Dis-Grace

My favorite story was Lula. He grew up in the office, Lula first came in when he was 10. He didn't really have a family, and everyone adored him. They took their time to teach him things, even though he was forgetful. It took Lula a lot of time to remember his birthday, but they still kept telling him so that he'd remember. Every time Lula walks in the room Lula says "Hello everybody" because he is working on his social skills and kindness. They didn't care that he was "Special Ed" or slow to learning. Meeting Father Boyle was most likely one of the best things to happen to him. He helped him want to do better in school. I liked when Lula had all F's but still was proud of his accomplishment of no absences. The theme in this chapter was love because everyone loved Lula for who he was an accepted him for him.

Chapter 3 Compassion

This chapters theme is compassion. We all could use more compassion in our life and Father Boyle has a lot of it. He has compassion toward the people that get none or the least amount. He sees the good in others because others won't. My favorite story was Betito because he was going on a date with an older girl. I thought it was sweet how G showed compassion to him and gave him $20.

Chapter 4 Water, Oil, Flame

This chapters theme is restraining impulsive behavior. When George found out this his brother, Cisco, was killed he restrained impulsive behavior. He didn't lash out or even say he wanted revenge. I was surprised when I read it and so was G. This theme relates to my life because we all could work on restraining our impulsive behavior. We also could all work on taking the high road. We can all take notes from George for taking the high road and being the bigger person.

Chapter 5 Slow Work

The theme of this chapter is Slow Work and this to me means that the patience of God is often tough for us to accept. I am very impatient and learned from this book that patience is key. My favorite story was Pedro because it was about his dream. Everyone one has dreams and ambitions that they would like to accomplish. This just goes to show that nothing is impossible.

Chapter 6 Jurisdiction

The theme of this story is equality. This relates to this chapter because when Father Boyle brings 2 homies to an expensive restaurant, everyone was looking at them. The other people there looked at the, like they didn't belong, or were less than them. Equality is a huge problem because others see themselves as better than someone else. This relates to my life because there is gender inequality and just inequality in general. I believe everyone should be treated as equals.

Chapter 7 Gladness

The theme of this chapter is happiness. I chose this one because the first couple of pages made me laugh, and the chapter title is "Gladness". This theme is fitting because one of the homies said he had "anal blindness". Meaning that he could see his ass coming to work. I thought that it was really funny and related directly to the title of the chapter. This relates to my life because sometimes I get too caught up in the specifics and should be happier and stop worrying about the details.

Chapter 8 Success

My favorite story was Scrappy. This story relates exactly to the title and theme of success. He pulled a gun out on father Boyle and regretted it. He changed his life for the better. He was successful even up until his death, which was very sad. Father Boyle blessed him and have faith in him so that he could be his very best. No one really believed in scrappy except father Boyle. Father Boyle was successful in changing so many homies' lives. Scrappy was just trying to do the right thing, by covering up the graffiti and was killed for it. He was successful in changing his life for the better.

Chapter 9 Kinship

The definition of Kinship is: blood relations, or family ties. This relates to the theme of this chapter, Kinship. I chose this theme for the title and because Father Boyle sees the homies as family. He does care if they aren't blood related, or what they've done in the past. He is more focused on the future, because no one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes, and I should learn from Father Boyle and see everyone at Skutt as my family. I should remember that everyone makes mistakes and should forgive everyone.

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