Rådgiver consulting Tara Mandala investment/Practitioner support project

Housing is an underutilized income and staff support resource, for Tara Mandalas immediate and long term future. All information in this packet belongs to Rådgiver consulting, and may not be used or disseminated unless expressly allowed in writing by Rådgiver consulting.

Rådgiver offers an alternative housing solution through Clarity Cabins, a construction subsidiary of Rådgiver consulting. This option creates strong revenue streams, improves staff retention, increases visitor interest, and supports dharma practitioners at Tara Mandala. Any other housing option, attends to one, possibly two of these facets, only Clarity Cabins covers all four.

Clarity Cabins(CC) are a mobile housing option that support staff retention and moral, by giving staff their own personal living space with running water/toilet/kitchen/bed. Providing opportunity for staff to purchase/rent CC units, also can bring an additional income stream for Tara Mandala.

Clarity Cabins creates cash flow from nightly/weekly/monthly visitor rentals. Private cabins create a richer experience for visitors, compelling longer stays at Tara Mandala.

Dharma practitioners are supported with the opportunity to have a retreat space that is conducive to extended practice. Units can also be purchased by practitioners, opening up beneficial karmic streams, for Tara Mandala and the teachings, in housing Dharma practitioners.

Clarity Cabins are an investment that creates long term revenue, or, quick cash turnover, depending on application. There will always be a need for housing. As the Cabins are mobile, this allows for simple relocating, whether the unit is sold, or, it is moved around Tara Mandala to facilitate the Cabins intended focus. This allows Cabins to be easily moved closer to the practice hall, for intensive practices, or to serve visiting guests, then moved out into the wilds for long term retreatants.

In contrast, fixed structures, such as yurts, domes, or any cabin on a foundation, have only one financial return option, this is, as a rental. More importantly, fixed units do not create the larger financial/spiritual interweaving benefit, that arises, from the Clarity Cabin model. And, of course, fixed units lack the flexibility, of moving where they are needed most.

There are manifold design options for Clarity Cabins, interior and exteriors are customizable, from basic to elaborate, and sizes range from 10' to 20' in length.....

(background) One of the larger Clarity Cabins, the Potala, is based on an 18' base trailer.......cost for the core/shell begins at $13k, up to an outfitted, $40k+. Designs may vary from photos.

12' Clarity Cabin, the DharmaK. As a core/shell unit $10k/$14k to fully outfitted $20k+. Design will vary from photo.
The 8' Milarepa, $8k core/shell, to $15k+ simply outfitted.

Interiors can be custom finished with high-end woodwork, or finished simply with plywood or pine. Custom heating/cooling options are available, as are upgrades on everything from the refrigerator to the exterior finishes. A complete cost schedule is available.

Basic Milarepa interior.
12' DharmaK Clarity Cabin interior
Optional Milarepa design interior
Optional Jewelbox finish available

Revenue Returns on Clarity Cabin Project:

Monthly rental income of cabins to Staff/Retreatants/Guests

  • 1 cabin a month…………………. $400+/$800+
  • 10 cabins a month……………….$4000+/$8000+

Weekly income rental cabins

  • 1 cabin per week…………………….$250+
  • 10 cabins per week………………….$2500+

Nightly rental of units for guests

  • $75/$150 nightly (1 unit)……...$2250/$4500 month
  • $750/$1500 nightly (10 units)…...$22.5k/$45k month

Resale option: Selling cabins to Guests/Retreatants/Staff

  • $1000-$4000 Tara Mandala profit after payoff

Rådgiver consulting has manifold ties to the Buddhist community, from a personal connection to the Tibetan Nechung Oracle, to practicing within Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoches lineage. Rådgiver is also committed to returning benefit to those on the hard side of karmas path, through building mobile humanitarian support projects, as well as creating innovative construction options for earthquake/flood prone communities.

May this information, and our meeting, bring great benefit, and Grace, to all involved.....

Nathan Williams, owner, Rådgiver consulting

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