Short Stories Limited edition

All these short stories were written on pages and either later tranferred to Google Docs.

Short Sotory #1: The Diamond

The Diamond — Unrecognized Bagel


"Yes, Syl?"

"I'm going to Alosysius's house!"

"Who is that?"

"He's...My best friend..My only friend."

"Already making friends? We just moved here some weeks ago!"

"Yeah, yeah, okay I'm leaving now, bye!"

"Be back by dinner!"

"Alright! Wait....what do you mean by already making friends?!"

"Never mind, Syl, go make more friends."

"Agh, whatever."

"And Syl?"


"I love you."

"I love you too, mom."

Leaving the large, brick house, Sylvester slams the door to his house, walks across the large yard, and opens the front gate. Taking a look back to his new, permanent home, he sighs and walks forward, colosing the old, rusty gate behind him. The tall, depressed-looking, 13 year old boy crossed the street, not bothering to look both ways. It was a small state and even smaller city. He walked forward, stepping on leaves and dirt. The sidewalks were filled with chalk, after all the small kids drew. But... some of the drawings... were disturbing...looking at it, he shook his head and walked forward.

Even though he knew he had plenty of chores to do at home when he came back, and a limited time to do it, he still went to his best friend's house. A smile came across his face when he arrived at the house. It was his only chance to escape his house and his overprotective mom. He hadn't had many friends when he lived in Illinois. Now, in the city of Aspen, Colorado, the snow beneath his feet crunched like small bits of popcorn. He walks up to his friend's door and knocks hard and anxiously. "Yes? Who is this?" Alosysius asks, his Russian accent coming out of hiding. "Oh, hi, Sylvester. What's up?" He asks, trying to hide his strong accent under a regular, but messier Average teen voice. "Oh, I just came to say hi, and —uh, if you want— hang out." Sylvester says, nervous that he might make his only friend feel uncomfortable. "Uh, sure! Just...wait here, dude. I gotta go fix something." And with that, Aloysius peers behind him, closes the door, and locks it tight. He might as well put barbed wire and an electric fence there too.

Aloysius was a weird person. He always ran from one place to another looking like he was running away from something. The day Sylvester met Aloysius, it was by accident. Aloysius was running to the bus stop, and so was Sylvester, and in the midst of all the confusion, the two boys collided against each other, pushing them to the ground. Papers flew , books dropped, and pencils broke. In the end, the two boys helped each other grab anything they could save from the mess, and hurried on the bus, sitting next to each other. "So.." Sylvester said, awkwardly. "Oh, hi. I am Aloysius Dergüdjen." He said, trying to act as cool as possible to impress the new, and possible, friend. "Hi, Al-uh-Alo-" He tries the name. "Aloysius. It is a name my mother gave me. It means "Famous Warrior". But I'm not much of a fighter." He chuckles to distract himself from the nervousness. "Oh, my name is Sylvester because that was my grandfather's name who died in a war." Sylvester explained. "Oh, well that's sad. My grandfather was a chef, but he died last year."

"Aloysius! Almost done? its getting pretty creepy out here!" Sylvester says, looking around the snow and trees. And suddenly, the front door creeps open slowly. There is a sound, footsteps, and the strangest noise, a peculiar scratching amongst the sounds. Sylvester, nervous, walks through the door, as symbols appear on the large, wooden door handle : ⇒♢✌︎☀︎◎↓. "Oh..that's really weird." Sylvester whispers under his breath. Before he could take another step, in the shadows, beneath the stair, was a large, two-headed dog. "You shouldn't have come here, mortal." The two heads say, speaking in unison. "This is the realm of monsters. Your little friend was foolish to bring you here. We remained hidden for the last two visits, but we are growing hungry. Your friend—No, your best friend— he came here thinking this is where you could bring back the dead— but it's not. We would do the favor, but in the form of a S A C R I F I C E." The monster looks back and recedes from Sylvester, who was now trembling and cowering. Then, slowly, like water trickling through a pipe, the shape of a boy appeard, and came down the stairs. "You could have waited. You could have not entered. I could've used someone else, but..." Aloysius says, slowly, looking at Sylvester, his accent coming out of hiding again. "You were my friend, but now... You see, Sylvester, I need someone to bring my grandfather back. He holds the secret to this house... to whatever he wanted me to do. Now...this is my chance. This is what Ive been waiting for. I've failed twice, but not anymore." He looked down at Sylvester, and Sylvester up at him. "W-what are you going to do to me?" He said, shaking. "Oh, you'll see..." He responded, a grin on his face, and with that, the gleam of a knife, a scream, and the end of Sylvester. In the distance, on the door handle, the signs dissapear, and re-apear on another house, far from there. They read:⇒♢✌︎☀︎◎↓ . "Go to the diamond, when the sun appears as two, and in the target, go down. You will find him. Take him, and bring him back!" A voice says. Far away, a girl wakes up, screaming. Far away, a girl takes her backpack, and starts searching for the diamond. For Sylvester.

The End.



Sylvester did not make it back by dinner.

Short Story #2: Muggle Worthy

Okay, there's a lot to explain, so I'm going to be quick and to the point— magic is real — and I'm not kidding. It's a long story, but it's filled with...things.... magic things, unexplainable things, and stuff that creeps you out, and whatnot. But don't go reading this thinking I made it up, it's real. I saw it happen. Well, I kinda made it happen...

It all started when a new guy showed up to our school. Not the kind of scrawny little guys who have insecurities, but the kind of new that's like "Hey, I've never seen that before.". He wore this robe over a kind of vest and shirt, —like a suit and tie, but without the tie— and had this weird habit of reaching into his robe pocket. He said " I came here to visit my cousin." That's all he ever said to anyone.

In the school, I'm king. I have this sort of army throughout the school. My friends have friends who have friends.... you get the idea. So, when this guy comes up here, I , as a king, have to welcome here as my peasant. I go up to him and hold up my arm. "Hello there, uh, peasant." The thing, though, he doesn't say anything. He just keeps quiet and walks away. I get all steamed up, you know, real mad, and I yell at him.

" You're really loud." He mumbles, and keeps on walking. That gets me even more worked up. I call some of my army, which is like 5 people, and we're marching through the hallways like knights. He's just at the end, picking his locker combination, when he just gives up and takes out this foot-long stick. He must have known we were watching him, because he quickly puts the stick back in his robes. I walk up to him, and I tell my army to stand back. "

Hey, fella. What's your name?" I say, real fake and all. "Felix." he says, real quiet. "Felix who?" I ask, also real quiet. "Felix Felicis!" He says, really loud and busts into a huge laughter. I laugh along too, just for the sake of it. "So, uh, why'd you ignore me, uh, back there?" I say, looking back at my army, sniggering. "My name is Felix Anderson." He says, taking out his hand. I take it, and I kind of grab his hand a bit too tightly, and he pulls back, making his stick thingy fall out.

"So, what's that?" I ask. "Oh, its...nothing." He says with what I can tell is a fake smile. "What school did you go to before here?" I ask, making sure I asked too many questions. "Ilvermorny." He says quickly, looking at the ground. "And, where's that?" I say, looking over to my army again. "Here, in North America." He responds calmly.

"So, why'd you transfer?" I ask. "WHY ARE YOU ASKING SO MANY STUPID QUESTIONS?" He yells, loudly, kinda shoves me back. That makes my army stop laughing. I snap my fingers twice. That means: Plan B. I walk back to them, and they grab the closest thing to a weapon they can find: a sharp pencil.

I yell something out—I can't remember— and that makes Felix grab his stick-thing again. He points it at me. I point the pencil at him. My army's chanting for me to stab him. I make a run for it, but before I can even touch, he says something— Something like "Ex- smelly armpits"— and suddenly, my pencil's flying through the air, and it lands right in Felix's hand. My army stops chanting. I stand there, 15 feet away from him, and he just drops the pencil and steps on it, asking a crunch! noise. I'm just staring at the broken pencil, dumbfounded. A member of my Army, Chad, starts running, unexpectedly at him. He simply swishes the stick thing and says "pet-riffi cuss- Toe-tal-lust" or something like that, and Chad stops dead in his tracks, kinda like if he was frozen, and falls to the floor. Everyone's mouth is open, gaping. Chad was the second strongest of the Army. The first, well, me, of course.

"You no-Maj's have to keep to yourselves." Felix, says, looking at Chad's frozen body. "There's things your little brains can't comprehend, like this for instance, is a wand." And with that, he flicks his "wand" at Chas again—saying something like "fin-it"—and Chad stands up again. This time, Felix has a nasty grin on his face.

"What just happened?!" Chad exclaims, looking around. "You!" He says, pointing at Felix. "I'm going to strangle you until your eyes pop out for humiliating me like this!" He says, and runs towards Felix, who was already saying something, louder this time. (Something like "Imp-er-ee-oh".) Chad stops again, and with a happy expression this time, which then turns into a mad expression, which then turns into a sad expression, which for every different emotion, there was a flick of Felix's "wand".

" No-Mai's are so easy to control!" He says, grinning. Honestly, it was horrifying to see Felix make Chad do the sprinkler dance move, or do the hokey pokey, but it was more horrifying when he started to take his shirt off, but stopped.

"If you don't want to see him undress himself, I need you to step back and leave me alone forever." Felix says, warningly. He did a spinning movement with his "wand" , and made Chad walk over to my army. Chad suddenly snapped back into reality, and said "Woah, what just happened?"

"Obliviate." Felix said, loud and clear. A blinding light shot from the tip of his wand, and...nothing happened. I was behind him, and nothing happened. My army stood there, confused, and Felix's "Wand" was gone, nowhere to be seen. I though nothing had happened, until someone muttered "what were we just doing?"

like nothing ever happened, Felix walks away, calmly, and I'm there, my mouth open wide. What the heck had happened? I look back at Felix, who was entering a class. He just smiles at me and says "you've got to learn some things." And he was gone.

The End

"Short" Story #3: Creative Machinery

Creative Machinery

Chapter 1

"Are you sure this will work, Man?"

"It worked the last time I did it."

"And...when was that?"

", I've never tried this. Also, I think we all might die in a few seconds."

"Wow. Very reassuring."

"Look, Noah, who was the one who bought you that candy last week?"

" I think it was Nic-"


"Liam, Nick lended you the money. "

" That's beside the point, Noah. The point is that you need to trust in me, 'cuz I'm your best friend."

The two boys looked at each other, then at the machine standing before them, then at each other. "Ok. I trust in you." Noah said, taking out his hand. Liam takes it and they shake hands. "Hey, if we need luck, let's bring Sean next time. He's Irish." Liam says, jokingly. "Ha-ha, very funny. What about that kid you met the other day? He was- German? Or Russian? Either one of those. What was his name you say?" Noah says, thinking. "Oh, that kid? Yeah, he was cool. He had this accent, though. His name was....Aloysius." Liam says, remembering their encounter at the bus stop. They crashed into each other, and all their stuff went flying everywhere. They finally decided they were friends and sat next to each other."He was Russian. His name was Aloysius Dergüdjen."Liam says, looking at Noah. " know...I.. knew this other kid. Well, I've seen him a couple times at school. He looked like he was good friends with Aloysius. I just can't remember his name." Noah Says, thinking some more.

They clicked buttons, fired the machine, and stared in amazement. A Time machine. The first one too. Liam was incredibly smart for his age. Noah, well Noah was Noah. They were best friends. Inseparable. So, when Liam had a crazy idea, Noah was always up for the task. Noah's father worked at an old- fashioned forge, even though there was better, faster technology, he still liked doing things hand-crafted. Noah was the builder, while Liam was the researcher. It was funny, though. Liam was stronger than Noah, but still didn't like doing the building part. "Okay, let's test it on a toy car first. So, what we should do is Mark the exact time we are at right now, leave for a couple minutes, come back, and send it back to the time we mark down." Liam says, scribbling down a number. " 17:45" Noah Says, nodding." We'll send it back at 17:50" Liam says. Looking at his clock and back up to Noah.

At exactly 17:49, they placed the toy car in the machine, clicked some buttons, and entered "17:45" for the destination. "I hope this works." Noah says, exchanging a look with Liam. "I hope so too." He responds. From the machine, there is a flash, a bang, and smoke. Seconds later, the toy car is missing from the machine. The two boys look at each other and smile, high-fiving.

"Okay, let's test it on a toy car first. So, what we should do is Mark the exact time we are at right now, leave for a couple minutes, come back, and send it back to the time we mark down." Liam says, scribbling down a number. Just then, there is a flash, a bang, and smoke from the machine. "Hey, it looks like our plan worked!" Liam says, excitingly. The two boys look at each other and smile, high-fiving. The car looked exactly the same as the other one, except it had smoke around the wheels and body. The temperature of the car had risen drastically, so they knew what to expect when moving through time with plastic at hand. " does that mean we just discovered cloning too?" Noah says, excited. "No, no, actually, they're the exact same car, and it if the two touch it would result in a explosion leading to a small black hole appearing, sucking both of them in, and spitting them back into a random place in time, messing up time and space altogether." Liam says, looking at the two cars. "So... if the two touch they could just disappear and reappear in different time zones?" Noah asks, a bit confused. "Yes...OOOR," Liam says, walking to a two-sided chalk board and grabbing a metal pointer from a table. "This," Liam says, whacking the board with the pointer. "Is my theory on what other consequences could happen." He says. Noah nods. "And, why again are we doing this?" Noah asks. "Because, Noah, I want to go back and talk to myself. Try to make things better."

"We could test it on this car, if you want, but it might...end the world? Like someone could get their hands on this toy car and try to replicate it back in the 1800's. What if they succeed? What if it's someone bad?" Liam says, worried now. "Then, the whole history of the world would be changed." Noah says, nodding. "Well, we could always do the last resort, which is going back to the moment we changed time and stopping ourselves from doing that by any means possible" Liam explains, flipping the board over to show a chart filled with possibilities of the destruction of the world. "Here are some of the main contributors: Giving something to the wrong people, 'The Butterfly Effect', and... 'Eating Liam's Sandwich He Prepared This Morning'" Liam finishes, looking at Noah disappointedly. "What? I only took a bite...bites..Alright! I ate it— and only because I didn't have breakfast this morning — and 'cuz you owe me more than HALF a year's allowances!" Noah says, turning the tables. "That is also besides the point. Anyways, what do you think?" Liam asks. "I think we should do it." He responds.

They grab both of the cars, and slowly bring them together, but before they touch, they hesitate, and re-think the consequences. "Wait, shouldn't we stand back if they're explosive?!" Noah says. "Hmm. Yeah, that's probably the smartest thing to do." He says, slowly walking back. He walked out the house and into the middle of the street. Noah followed him, re-thinking the choices he's made."Okay, now, push the cars so that they meet in the middle of the street." Liam says. The two boys push their car, which was the same car, but not exactly. At opposite ends, the two boys took cover beside a tree. Just then, the two cars touched, disappeared, and reappeared back where they were originally. The boys looked at each other in confusion. Stepping up to the car, they find that they were put into a type of "reset" where they were put into the position they were, seconds before contact. "Hmm. Interesting. Let's do it again!" Liam says. They reposition themselves and push the cars again. The second they touch, with a flash of light, they reset to their original position. "So, what does this all mean?" Noah asks, studying the car's wheels, which were very hot. "It means, that nothing happens! Time cleans itself up when it senses something wrong. This is all good material, but it's getting pretty late out, and I'm gonna miss my soap opera." Liam says, jokingly. The sun was setting, and the animals that were once before scurrying about, were slowly returning to their homes. " Okay, then. Work on this tomorrow?" Noah asks. "Yeah. See ya later, Noah." Liam says, walking back home.

In the morning, Liam prepared himself some "Time Travel Pancakes", which he made by using the pancake batter from the future, by sending some back a to a specific time in the past, like the car, and using those ingredients to make pancakes. He was scarfing down on some pancakes, when there was a loud thud on the glass sliding door next to him. It was Noah, and he was crying, pounding on the door. Liam quickly opened the door, worried. "N-Noah? Wh-what happened? Is everything okay?" Liam asked, looking at his friend. "M-m-my grandpa...h-he was all alone, and I-I-I I was supposed to he v-visit him, b-but I-I- procrastinated...someone's killed him, Liam! He's d-dead.." Noah says, stuttering and crying. Liam reached in and hugged his friend, tightly. The two just stood there on the sliding door, awkwardly hugging. "This isn't weird." Liam says. "N-no. Actually, this makes me feel better" Noah says, eyes tearing. "It's okay, Noah. Mark my words: I will find whoever killed your grandpa, and I will get revenge for you."

Chapter 2: A Terrible Mistake

”Who would want to murder a 64 year old man? What enemies did your grandfather have?" Liam thinks, looking at his depressed friend. "He was one of my best friends, did you know? He always told me these stories. They were supposed to be happy, but in the end, the main characters always kept on getting hurt." Noah said, with a chuckle. "Oh, yeah. I remember those. Those were funny, I guess....?" Liam says, trying to make Noah feel better. "My dad says that I need mental therapy. He says that seeing my grandpa like that makes my mind go weird." He explains. "But Noah, it's not like it's that bad!" Liam says. "No, it's not...but I see these monsters, if those monsters were there when I went to see my grandpa. There were two. A big, black snake, with big fangs, and a large, two-headed dog." He explained.

"We need to return to the crime scene. Can we visit your grandpa's house right now?" Liam asks. "Uh, I don't know. There's police tape everywhere, and my parents probably won't let me get in." Noah says, looking around frantically, as if his parents might hear. They didn't know what to do, so they compromised. One would go distract the parents and/or police officers, and the other would go inside, secretly. The hard part was deciding who would go. Would Liam distract the parents so that Noah gets in, and if he were to get caught, the consequences wouldn't be as harsh as if Liam was caught? Or would Noah distract the parents, and make a more convincing conversation, and distract them longer? It was hard to decide. They went on the "Liam Distracts" plan. "Here's the plan. I tell your parents there's something bad is happening some blocks away, and they drive me there. While they 'investigate', you have to look in there!". They ran to Noah's house, and were pooped (reaaaaally tired), when they got there. They looked around, and realized no one was there, or they just left for some reason. The house was different, now, in Noah's perspective. The couch was moldy, and stained, and the carpet floor in the living room was scratched, as if an animal had come... If it did...

"Woah, dude your grandpa's house is messed up bad..." Liam examined, his feet barely tripping on a small roll of police tape. "Is this-wait why would they leave a perfectly good roll of police tape?" Liam grabbed the tape and shoved it in his pocket for safe keeping. "Liam, watch out for the tape. My dad said that they're important clues for research." Noah said, looking around for the tape frantically on the floor, as if he would accidentally ruin some. "Well, I just took a roll on the floor, and it didn't seem important." Liam says, shrugging. He walked up to a bookcase, taking big, long, exaggerated steps, tip-toeing over fallen stacks of books, papers, and a large backpack. Liam almost took one of the papers, but while reaching down Noah, who was on the other end of the living room, gave him a withering look. He whispered "Okaaaaay then, Mr. Grouch." The bookcase itself wasn't very large, but had a clean, polished look, with edges of what looked like gold, and a body made out of dark wood.

"I'm guessing Mr. Nor' Burham was a big reader?" Liam asked, touching the gold edges of the bookcase. "Yeah, he always said that his bookcase was one of his most prized possession, and didn't let us touch it." Noah, said, emphasizing on the last words. Liam pulled back from it, and knelt down to examine the papers once again. He grabbed the top one and layer it down on the floor. The papers were curious. Instead of tax report copies, or mortgage payments, they were semi-blueprints, semi-articles about lawn mowers..? That was very interesting. Why lawn mowers? Liam's brain started turning. He grabbed another sheet and laid it down with the other. The second sheet was half-potato article, half blueprints. Again, he grabbed another sheet, this time with the right side being blueprints and the other being...lawn mowers. He brought the two together, blocking the article half of the paper with the blueprints. The blueprints went together to form some type of building.

"Uh, Noah? Did your grandpa ever try to make a building of some sort?" Liam asked, not taking his eyes off the paper. "Yeah, he tried to get a loan from the bank, but they rejected, saying that he didn't have anything to offer as...'collateral'. Wait, how did you know that?" he asked, walking slowly to here Liam was. "That's weird. I didn't see those papers at all last time I visited grandpa." Noah said. "I was looking over these papers—wait, does your grandpa have a lawn mower?" He asked, sounding as crazy as ever. "What type of question is that? 'Does your grandpa have a lawn mower'" Noah repeated. "It's the reasonable type of question, Noah, when you understand." Liam says. "There's some weird articles here, and some are about lawn mowers. Again, Does–your—grandpa—have—a—lawn—Moweer?" He repeated, making pauses un between the words. Nick sighs and lazily points to the back of the house. "Out in the garage. He hasn't used it in years." They exit the house grimly, and walk around the fenced yard, and into the backyard, which was blocked by a shabby door (which they kicked open).

There wasn't anything special about anything there, except the padlocked garage, which was closet-sized in length and width. They didn't even try to open it, since they weren't very interested, but they found a lawn mower just feet away. It was red, and small, and it had a rusted handle. Noah crouched down to inspect it. On the side of the motor, the words "AutoMotive" gleamed in the sunlight. "Hey, that's weird. That's the brand of the junk I used to make part of the machine." Noah said. Liam took a picture of it with a camera he apparently had in his back pocket the whole time. Suddenly, Noah crouched down again and looked at the lawn mower again. He remembered something that he overheard the police talking about the other day. "Yeah, these cuts on him aren't like ones I've ever seen before...some sort of blade...we couldn't find traces of any weapon that makes cuts like these..."

Noah carefully grabbed the lawn mower and turned it to its side. Of the five blades that cut the grass, only four of them were there. "The murder... used the mower kill grandpa.."

Like many people do, when they're mad, they make mistakes. This mistake Noah made, though, was not that okay. Noah grabbed the mower by its handle, and chucked it at the wall, making a very, very loud CRASH noise. "What the hell did you do that for?" snapped Liam, probably cursing for the first time in years. Noah didn't know what came over him, but in the second he heard that, he seized Liam by the shirt and pushed him to the floor. Liam wasn't sure what to do, but his instincts did. Liam punched Noah across the face, and unsure of himself, ran to the yard door, and screamed "YOU'RE GRANPA'S DEAD, ACCEPT IT!".

Chapter 3: a situation much bigger

Alright, take a second to process that. You're thinking: What. The. Heck. You're thinking "Did he really just do that? Did he just get into a fight with his most trusted and/or best friend?" Yes. He just did. Noah did just throw the lawn mower into the wall, making a loud noise. But, the consequences of these actions weren't just a big fight with each other, but in reality, a situation much bigger. "Noah Ralph Nor' Burham, get yourself right here this instant!" Someone yelled, their arms on their hips. "Oh god." Noah muttered under his breath. Noah slowly walked to the person. That person was Noah's mother. "What in the name of hades do you think you were doing?!" Screamed Noah's mom. Noah really didn't know how to respond. In actuality, he never did respond. He just kept quiet. "You're grounded!" She screamed. Before Noah could ask, she responded- "FOREVER!"

Suddenly, her voice dropped to some sort of whisper. She examined Noah's face, which had a bruise in his right cheek. "W-who did this to you?" She asked, worried. In that split-second of time before he had to answer, he got an idea, which wasn't very common for Noah. "Someone, I didn't see their face. They ran that way." He pointed at the street opposite of which Liam had ran. "He could have been miles away from now, if he took a car." Noah's mom sighed. "I'll call the police." She said. "No! Ah, I mean, you don't have to." Noah said quickly. "Are you sure?" She asked, making sure. "Y-yeah. Let's go home." Noah reassured her. "You're still grounded." She said with a wry smile.

When Noah got home, all his electronics were taken away—even those he didn't use, or didn't even know he had. He was locked in his room, and sent to sleep early. Not which bothered Noah that much. He was really tired. He couldn't think of anything else to do, so he lay there in bed, glumly staring at the ceiling. Thinking of how he shouldn't and should've have done. But, how would you react? He though, talking directly to Liam. He heard whispers outside his door, so he slowly and carefully got out of bed and pressed his ear on the door. "What do you think he was doing there, bruised up and lying on the floor like that?"

He overheard his father say. "I don't know, but that boy's got me worked up over nothing. It was probably just a fight, you know, the ones they have in school to show popularity and strength and whatnot? They were probably just rough housing and someone let slip a punch or two and it got all messy up there. A good fight is healthy now and a while–"

"Don't you dare, Daniel Timothy Nor' Burham!" his mom interrupted.

"All I'm saying is—"

"All you're saying is that it was good for some gangster figure to come up and hurt my son that way?"

"Our son, Irene, our son!" Daniel snapped.

They're at it again, though Noah. And this time it's my fault. This time it was entirely his fault... Noah heard them still bickering at each other, their whispers turning into a loud conversation. He slumped back into the bed, and looked at the ceiling once more. He kept in staring and staring for what seemed like hours, when suddenly, light filled the wall. It was blinking in some sort pattern it seemed. After a while, Noah recognized it as Morse code. Blink-blink-blink: S. Long blink-long blink-long blink: O. Blink-long blink- blink: R, R. Long blink— blink— long blink, long blink: Y. SORRY. Noah looked outside and surely enough, saw a weary-eyed Liam in his backyard with a flashlight. Liam ran.

"You know, that's pretty weird" Noah muttered silently to himself. He chuckled to himself. "But, that's Liam for you." He grabbed a nearby pillow, plopped it over his head, and groaned. Liam had apologized. Now, it was his turn. Why had it triggered him so much? With a sickly feeling in his stomach, he turned to the side, pillow still on his head, and fell into a deep sleep. He wasn't sure, but he thought he heard the noise of the time travel machine..

It's 12:45 PM.

"Hey, that's not normal." Though Noah, as a nearby rabbit started to bounce up to him, beeping loudly. "Hey, bunny, I'm trying to enjoy a nice picnic dinner with — uh — somebody that's coming soon, could you please close your abnormally large mouth and stop that noise?" The bunny did not respond. It became bigger, and louder, and soon, transformed into something different altogether. Or, someone...To Noah's displease, it was his mother. Again. "NOAH—RAPLH—NOR'—BURHAM!" She screamed at him, taking a large step for every word. "YOU ARE GOING TO BE LATE FOR SCHOOL!" She yelled while the beeping bunny appeared at his side and was getting louder. Noah closed his eyes and opened them again. Suddenly, he saw his mother staring angrily at him, and the electronic alarm clock in his side beeping loudly. "Do you know what time it is?" She asked, pointing her finger at the alarm. It was 7:50 AM. School starts at 8:00. He pounded the "snooze" button, did his bed, got himself clothed, cleaned and ready in 15 minutes and was 5 minutes late to school. He didn't eat breakfast and his stomach grumbled like a defective motor during first hour. Liam was nowhere to be seen, so in second hour, he had to pair up with Nick.

"The emancipation proclamation was an important piece into shaping out country. The south fought against this in the civil war. It was Americans versus Americans. Many people died during the civil war." The teacher droned on. Noah tried hard not to fall asleep, but... it...was... so...boring...."Pair up into partners and make a drawing of what you think the civil war was like," the teacher said, finishing. "Hmm?" Breathed Noah, half-asleep. "Then give a summary of what happened in the war. I expect this project to be labeled, dated, and turned in by Wednesday." That's two days to finish a 40 point assignment. That's really exasperating. Nick handled the drawing and labeling while Noah started on the summary. The Civol- wait no that's wrong— The Civil War was a war that Americans fought aganst themselfs— wrong again, Nor' Burham— fought against themselves. Like that, the whole period, Noah handled things. He couldn't really think straight. "Hey Noah, concentrate bud," Nick had said, but he really didn't.

"Have you heard anything from Liam?" Noah had asked. "Who?" Nick said, still drawing. "Liam Silver," Noah said, impatiently. "He lived next to you for 3 years?" Nick wasn't taking his eyes off the drawing. "Nope, don't know who you're talking about." He said, obviously now pretending. Noah had another weird mood swing and stomped out of the classroom without saying another word. Reasonably, he was called into the principal's office.


Blank october

Description: Poor 13 year-old Charles Beckett has to live off of soggy cabbage. Yum. He finds his happiness at school, where there are no holes on the roof. It's the public school, and everyone in the city of 1968, has to go—even the richest. Something curious happens when he finds himself in a brand-new luxurious bed... the bed of the richest son of the richest man alive! Oh, and what clichè things happen!

In Progress (END/PUBLISH 2020)

Created By
Unrecognized Bagel


Created with images by JeongGuHyeok - "maple leaf book reading" Short story by Luis M. "The Diamond" Original Story by Luis M. "Creative Machinery" Original Story by Luis M. Harry Potter property of Warner Bros.

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