Final Culminating GGp30 - Samantha Truax


Careers that I am interested in pursing and that are fitted for me are an Interior Designer, a High School Gym Teacher and a Baseball Scout.

I think I would be a good interior designer because I am very interested in home design and decor which are both things you need to like in order to be a interior designer. I also have always enjoyed fashion which would be helpful in picking colors, designs and home decor pieces. A lot of an Interior Designers work is spent consulting with their clients. Therefore you have to be a people person and be able to listen and understand to other ideas and problem. These are all things that I think I am able to do. In student council as a grade rep last year my main job was talking to my grade about their ideas and needs. Therefore I have a lot of experience with talking to others to figure out what they want and proceeding in bringing their needs or ideas into reality. Also the Interior Design industry is very competitive. It is sometimes very hard to land clients especially when they are looking at other designers as well. So you need to be able to bring your best ideas forwards and fight for the booking. I am a very competitive person who can never gives up on a fight if i'm really passionate about the topic. This would benefit me as an Interior Designer as well as my eye for design and social and communication skills. To be any type of teacher you need to be committed, organized, caring and patient. These are all characteristics I feel that I possess. Being a teacher is a lot of hard work and time consuming not just during the school day but after school as well. I know that when I get invested in something I will put as much time and effort into it as needed. I have always loved kids and working with them. As a camp CIT last summer I cried both times at the end of the week when the kids left. This showed me how invested I get in kids that I am in charge of. I get to know them very well and I loved being the reason they were having a good day, talking to them when they were sad and just being around them. My ability to be so invested in kids and their lives is one of the biggest reasons of why I think I would be a good teacher. I know from personal experience that the more a teacher cares about me the more I like them and the easier their class is and I respect teachers who invest so much of their lives into their students so much. I think I would be best at teaching gym due to my love of sports and physical activity. I also feel like I would be able to work better with high school students because the curriculum is more focused on learning on different sports then just playing games like in elementary school. Therefore I think a high school gym teacher is also a good career for me. Lastly I think that a Baseball Scout would be a good career choice for me. During the past like year and a half, this is the career that I have been the most interested in. I love the idea of going around to different parts of north america and looking for next big baseball player. I would get to travel which I love and watch many different aspiring young baseball player. I have good communication and negotiation skills and a passion for the sport of baseball. These would all be beneficial in this job. You also need to know about the sport of baseball and what makes a good player. I have been playing softball for 6 years and have watch mlb games since before that. I would also be breaking the stereotype of a "Sport Scout". Most scouts for professional sports teams are male and it would be nice to see an awesome female sport scout. Finally I have the knowledge, passion, social skills and skill set that you need to be a Baseball Scout. There is a lot of leadership involved in being a Gym Teacher and possessing many leadership qualities is very important in this career. These qualities include athletic ability, communication skills, dedication, caring, hard working, adaptable, compassionate, cooperative and peer mentoring skills. To be a gym teacher you have to have some athletic ability. No, you don't need to be athletic to be a leader, it might help in situations when you are working with kids or on a sports team but you can 100 percent be a leader without any athletic ability at all. Although in a class like gym you are telling your students to make healthy choices for your body. That doesn't mean just exercising and keeping you body healthy but also staying away from substance abuse and having a good mental health as well. A gym teacher should be a role model who represents this idea. So therefore if a gym teacher has athletic ability they can be role model to their students and represent how living a healthy life is enjoyable and beneficial. Gym teachers also need to have good communication skills. Not only do the need to talk and listen to their students but other colleges as well. Without good communication skills they could come of as detached, uncaring and distant. No one wants a teacher who seems like they don't want to be at school and are focused on something else. Also if you showcase that you have good communication skills specially listen skills I thinks students would find it easier to talk to you because they know that you would really listen to them and sometimes that's all a kid needs. Also clear communication to you students makes it easier for them to learn and stay safe in the activity and effective communication can make students more confident in there abilities. A gym teacher also needs to be dedicated and hard working. Like all teachers you need to put a lot of work in during after school hours to prepare plans for the next day and asses any of the students work. Without hard work and dedication a teacher will not be able to succeed and be a successful teacher. Another leadership quality involved in being a gym teacher is caring and compassionate. You need to care about your students and be able to understand what they might be going through. Without caring about your students your not going to be able to enjoy your job and that will show. It is proven that students work better in classes where they like and respect their teach. Being caring and compassionate towards your students will help with gaining their respect and being likable. Also being adaptable can help you as a teacher. Not every class is going to go as planned but a good leader and a good teacher needs to be able to adapt to these changes. It is also important to adapt lessons and activities for different learning and athletic abilities. Being cooperative is also very important to being a good gym teacher. As a gym teacher you work with many different people, students, teachers even parents. You need to learn to be cooperative with these people and also listen to others opinions. Else you will have a dysfunctional class and create a bad group work representation to your peers. Finally having peer mentoring skills is beneficially in being a teacher. With good peer mentoring skills you will be able to help your students more efficiently. You can create a sense of trust and become a role model for your students. A teacher can use their knowledge of being in high school to figure out how their students are feeling and help them with their problems. To be a good peer mentor you need to be trust worthy, motivational, empathetic, positive and a good role model, all things a teacher should be as well. Therefore there are a lot of leadership qualities beneficial in being a teacher. Some high school credits useful in becoming a teacher are of course Physical Education because you are taught different sports as well as leadership and sportsman ship in this class. Also you would get to see first hand how to be a good gym teacher. English would also be beneficial because of the communication skills you learn in English. Kinesiology because its the study of body movements and I thinks its important to be aware of how yours and others bodies works so that you know a person physical limits. Also leadership because being a teacher is a lot about being a good role model and leader. Steps to become a high school gym teacher is developing your leadership and interpersonal skills, graduating high school then going to university and teachers college to get a Bachelors Degree in Education. Some schools and states also require you to have a Masters in Education. I think if I were to pursue a career as a gym teacher I would major in physical education and sports management and take leadership classes as well in university and then go to teachers college. At Brock University they have a very strong physical education program in there Kinesiology department where you take a 4 year physical education program to get your Bachelors. They also have a 6 year program to be able to teach at a junior level and a 6 year program to be able to teach at a senior level. Brock University also has a department of Sports Management. My top school The University of Michigan offers a 3 year program in Secondary School Teaching and a 4 year sports management program, but no Physical Education Programs.

Community Connections.

At the school, I can use my peer support and leadership skills in student council, global voices, on sports teams, peer mentoring, PWWP, grade 7 and 9 orientations and in class. On both Student Council and Global Voices I am one of the main leaders. I can use the leadership qualities that I have learning, communication skills and types of power, to lead these groups more effectively. Sports Teams involve being committed, passionate, having good sportsmanship skills and determined. These are all qualities that a leader possess. Peer mentoring and PWWP are also great places to use your leadership skills. Both a peer mentor and PWWP leader have to be nice, trustful, motivational, positive and have good communication skills. These are all peer mentoring and leadership skills. I can also use my leadership skills during grade 7 and 9 orientations. I would need to have good communication skills, be helpful and a role model to this younger kids coming into our school. Finally I can use my peer mentoring and leadership everyday in the classroom. All leadership skills are beneficially in being a better student and peer to your classmates. I can use my peer mentoring skills to help other classmates more effectively. I can also use my communication skills when talking to other students, my teachers and when doing presentations to get my message across and listen to what they have to say. In conclusion there are many different things available in the school where I can use my leadership and peer support skills. In the community I can use these skills at DCVI, the elementary schools around town, the early learning center, the library, the PRC and any place where some needs assistance. For example at the tennis court there may be younger kids there who are having some trouble. I could use my peer mentoring skills and knowledge of the sport to help them with any issues they might be having. I can also use my leadership skills to create something that spreads to all members and parts of St. Marys. For example a food drive, fundraiser or community event. Therefore you can use peer mentoring and leadership skills all around St. Marys. But you can also create something that involved using this skills that will affect St. Marys and it's residence. Within the community I can volunteer at many different places and events. There is list of places and organizations at which I can help out and volunteer, but I will just name a few that I am interested in. In St. Marys I can help out with kids sports team, the heritage festival, Little Falls carnival, River Road Run and the summer library program. I can also volunteer at the nursing homes, Early Learning Center, Library, PRC and the hospital on a regular or irregular bases. I can also volunteer at the Baseball Hall Of Fame's Induction Day. This is something I have been doing for 5 or 6 years now. My father is usually in charge of barbecuing for the event so I usually help him and the rest of the barbecuing team. This is a volunteering opportunity available in St. Marys that I look forward to every year. There are also many other volunteer opportunities available in St. Marys that I haven't listed. To find these opportunities you can listen to announcements at the school about volunteer positions, talk to student services and look at the volunteer page on the Town of St. Marys website.

I can use the skills that I have learned in this class in every aspect of my future. A lot of the things we have learned not only helps you to be a better leader but also a better and more efficient person. University, Relationships, Sports Teams and Jobs are just some of the specific places where I can use the skills I have learned. This summer I will be going back to Camp Bimini to work as a first year counselor. The qualities of a good leader and peer mentor are pretty much the same as a good counselor. Time Management, Types of Power, leadership qualities and effective communication are just some of the things I have learned in this class that will benefit me in this role. I know that I will use the skills I have learned in this class to be a better counselor for my campers, a better group member and collaborator for the other staff and a better representation of a leader and role model for the camp. I can also use the skills I have learned to make a more effective change in the world in my future. Through my Field placement Friday project I learned what works well to spread awareness and societal change and what doesn't. I can use these lesson I learned to better my understanding on how to create effective societal change. I also learned what makes a good leader which is beneficially when trying to make societal change and get others to follow suit. No one want to help some who is uncaring, impatient, rude, not creative and has bad organizational skills etc. People are more driven to leaders who are motivational, positive, innovative and inspiring. I can use this knowledge I learned in this course to create societal change and gain supporter in the future. The things I have learned in this class are really going to help me in my short term future and long term future. I will use what I have learned to be a better leader and overall better person. In conclusion I think there is many ways that I can use what I have learned in this class in my future.

Post Secondary Connections

The University that I decided to look into was the University Of Michigan primarily because I want to play for their varsity softball team. There are over 1300 student run clubs and organizations, over 100 facility run clubs and many club sports I could be involved in. Leadership opportunities I would get involved in at this school is the varsity softball team, AIESEC and the Central Student Government. Their varsity softball team is currently the best out of the all the american university with a win to loss count of 21 - 2 in the conference and 52 - 7 overall. Like any sports team, they bring their fans and the university together when they have home games. They also create a reason for the school to have spirit days and special events when they have home games. Just like how at DCVI we wear school spirit wear and hold buy outs whenever any of our sports teams have home games. I can be involved by participating in all team events and being a active member of the team and the athletics program at the school. On the softball team I can advance many of my leadership skills for example positivity, communication and team building. Also I would improve on my time management skills, since I would need to schedule practices and training into my school schedule. On this team I would be actively involved in the athletics program and the events they put on. I would also develop many leadership skills. To be on this team I would need to be scouted and offered a position during my last year of high school. Even if I wasn't able to make it onto the varsity team, The University of Michigan also has a club softball team I could be a part of. Another leadership opportunity I could get involved in is AIESEC. AIESEC is the worlds largest independent, non profit organization run by students. You can find AIESEC organizations in over 124 countries and it has over 100 000 active members worldwide. This organization focuses on providing a platform for students to develop leadership skills. AIESEC offers youth the opportunity to participate in international internships, experience leadership and work in a global learning environment. The members of the AIESEC organization at the University of Michigan are able to contribute to societal change while exploring their own vision of how to create a positive impact on society and the world. As a member of this organization I would have the opportunity to do leadership internships in over 110 countries. I would also get to research and create societal change on issues that I am passionate about with the help of the other members of the organization. Finally I would get involved in the Central Student Government at the University of Michigan. The Central Student Government serves as the universities primary student government organization. Currently over 100 students contribute in some way to represent and lead the students of U-M. It has three branches, executive, legislation and judiciary and 25 different committees that you can contribute too. They all serve a unique purpose in making up the Central Student Government. The CSG includes numerous representatives from each school and college. (The University of Michigan is made up of 12 different college branches) They all work together to organize campus wide events and inform the administration of any student life issues. The Central Student Government coordinates events like the BEAT OSU rally and homecoming. I can be involved by joining the Central Student Government most likely in the executive branch. I would also go to all CSG events and help out as much as I could to create a better experience for University of Michigan students. As part of this organization I would get to talk to students who are pursing different careers and degrees. This would allow me to be exposed to a lot of diversity. I would also advance my time management skills because again I would have to fit meetings and events into my busy school schedule. I would also develop my social skills, decisiveness, creativity, adaptability, persuasiveness and many other leadership qualities. In Conclusion I would love to be involved in many of the clubs and organizations The University of Michigan has to offer. The softball team would be my main priority because I want to work in the baseball field and if I was playing on this team due to a scholarship (fingers crossed) I would have to be 100% committed to this team or I would lose the scholarship. But I would differently join other clubs like AIESEC and the Central Student Government. I would learn and develop many leadership qualities from these clubs and teams that will help me in my every day life and make me a better leader and person.


aSome qualities that make me a strong leader are passionate, authenticity, empathetic and positivity. I use all these qualities when being a camp counselor, during Student Council and Global Voices meetings, on sports teams and when volunteering around my community. Being passionate makes me more invested in participating in the team, club or organization at which I am using my leadership skills. Your passion for something also makes you push yourself to be better. For example my passion for baseball makes me want to train harder, be a better team member and cheer my team on. Without passion you will never be truly successful, can't improve on your leadership skills and want to participate and be a leader. I also possess the quality of authenticity. When it comes to leadership being yourself is one of the best things you can do. Each person brings a different perspective and opinion to a leadership position. Being authentic to your values, yourself and your peers are very important in leadership. Empathy is also a important quality to have to be an effective leader. Empathetic leaders spend more time listening then talking. Being a good listener is also very important to leadership, especially when receiving feedback and dealing with kids. Empathy also allows you to build connections and trust. Because I am empathetic I can easily understand someones emotions, which allows me to help them out more beneficially. Being empathetic is also very important for your emotional intelligence. Lastly I am positive, which makes me a good leader. I am not always positive but when it comes to sports teams, Student Council and Camp Bimini I try to stay as positive as possible. Positivity is infectious and attract people towards you. For example on the volleyball I try to cheer my teammates on and keep a positive attitude. This keeps my team positive and gets other people to cheer and have fun. Staying positive also makes me more productive. When I am down on myself and stressed out I tend to just shout down and don't want to work on the project anymore. But when I stay positive and think about the final project or goal I can be more productive. In conclusion passion, empathy, authentic and positive are just some of the qualities that I have that make me a better leader.

The skills and qualities that I have improved on this year are communication, overcoming barriers and open mindedness. There is always improvement when it comes to someones communication. This year I have specifically improved on understanding that body language is much more effective then verbal communication and how your body language can affect someones perception of you. Through the semester I had been more aware of how a person will perceive me due to my body language. I now pay attention to a persons body language more and make sure that I am using the right body language for different situations. I have also improved on my communication while working with a group. At the beginning of the semester, I didn't talk much when I was working with a group. For example when brainstorming for our communication talk show assignment my group was very quiet and I just went along with there ideas. I know talk more with my group members about my opinions and ideas and make sure I am using effective communication while doing so. Also I have improved on my ability to overcome barriers through this course. I know about every day barriers that affect my life and how to overcome small things. Although I never really thought about the barriers that effect other peoples lives especially citizens who speak different languages and have disabilities. I now know how deal with barriers more effectively. For example at the beginning of the course when Victoria was still here I would talk to her a bit. Even thought she spoke English very well there was still a language barrier between us that I didn't really know how to deal with. Now I know that I need to speak slow and clear and not be afraid to ask for clarification. Therefore I have improved on my ability to overcome barriers in this course. The leadership quality that I feel I have improved on the most is open mindedness. As a leader you have to be open to new ideas and people. I think that the environment and people in this class was the main reason why I developed this quality. Coming into the course I was closed off and didn't really want to work with other students. I was a grade 10 going into a class of grade 11 and 12's who I didn't really know. This made me close my mind up to the possibility of making friends and participating in the class. As the course went on and I got to know my peers better and become more comfortable with them I realized that I just need to keep an open mind because my classmates weren't really that bad. Also because you can do a lot of things in this class and the ways of learning about leadership is really endless we did a lot of things I have never really done before in this class. For example going to an escape room and doing projects on TV shows. Therefore through the course I had to keep an open mind when it came to assignments as well which help me develop my open mindedness. Finally I have improved and learned more about dealing with barriers, communication styles and open mindedness throughout this course. I plan to keep improving my leadership skills and using what I have learned in this in my future and every day life

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