Paetow and Stockdick Band Blast

Included below is TONS of invaluable information with updates & reminders!

Included in this blast is information on:

  • SJH Wind Ensemble on KHOU and going to Indianapolis!
  • Flamingo Flocking!
  • PHS/SJH Band Calendar / Upcoming Events
  • SJH Band Info
  • Second Annual West Houston Car Show
  • Booster Update
  • Sponsorship
  • Private Lessons
  • Adobe Spark PDF Archive
  • And more!

INFO AND Planning for next year:

All Parents and guardians, please take a moment to click and fill out the Google Form below! It will help give us some more information to be as successful as possible while we plan for next year and into the future! THANK YOU! 

8th Grade Night Fun!

SJH Wind Ensemble on the news!

Providing this experience is expensive, and we are asking for your help! The band will need the community’s support to raise money to help cover costs to attend the National Concert Band Festival. It will take a village to make this all happen! We could not engage in this wonderful learning opportunity and experience for the students in the SJH Wind Ensemble without your support!

The SJH Wind Ensemble, along with band leaders and parents, kindly request your support to help complete their journey to represent Stockdick Junior High, Katy ISD, and the entire Katy community March 12-14, 2020 at the Music for All National Concert Band Festival in Indianapolis, IN.

Please share the link and video below to help get these students to Indianapolis!



Help support the INCREDIBLE students in the SJH Wind Ensemble by 'Flocking' a friend! Go to tinyurl.com/sendthebirds to 'Flock' a friend! The Flock will stay for one day, then be removed by our AMAZING Flocking volunteers! If you have any questions, please e-mail psbbosecretary@gmail.com.

You've been FLOCKED!

Calendar Updates:

Throughout the school year, the band calendar is the first stop for all scheduling questions.

All calendar dates for Fall 2019 School Year are up and accurate through the December 2019, with many of our dates for Spring 2020 and Fall 2020 as well! There will be modification of some spring semester times as we approach and proceed through the school year – however dates listed are 100% accurate!

You can access our charms calendar by clicking on the button below, and entering our school code:

  • PaetowBand - for Paetow High School
  • StockdickBand - for Stockdick High School

Success at SOlo and Ensemble!

This weekend was a HISTORIC one for the Paetow Band Program! Students participated in the UIL Solo and Ensemble Contest at Morton Ranch High School. Over 70 Students earned the HIGHEST possible rating of Superior, as well as 16 students earning STATE Qualification at UIL Solo and Ensemble Contest! Every student represented themselves and Paetow EXTREMELY well!

The Paetow Band staff is INCREDIBLY proud of all of our students! We do not build our self worth or value through the result of competition; we use these competitive processes to grow ourselves in the preparation through hard work and a continuous dedication to EXCELLENCE. Every student has grown leaps and bounds through this process as musicians, and young adults. The Paetow Band future burns VERY bright from their hard work!


  • 3/2: Wind Symphony Recording Concert
  • 3/4: 3:00PM - 5:00PM Wind Symphony Rehearsal
  • 3/5: 3:00PM - 5:00PM Symphonic Winds Rehearsal
  • 3/9 - 3/13: SPRING BREAK!
  • 3/17: Cluster Non-Varsity Pre-UIL Concert and Recording
  • 4/13: Chipotle Fun Food Spirit Night!
  • 4/25: Second Annual West Houston Car Show!


All events scheduled on the Charms Band Calendar are mandatory for the success of the organization. If any student has a medical appointment or life event that is unavoidable - please e-mail one of the Director staff as soon as possible!

Students who miss rehearsal can fall behind extremely fast. We want each and every student to be as successful as possible, and have the best most positive experience! We structure and tier our instruction to build from day to day, and unexpected absences can have a massive effect on not just your child when they miss the rehearsal and instruction, but the ensemble as a whole.

We kindly request that you do your best to avoid conflicts with rehearsal times. We operate as efficiently and effectively as possible to prepare for our competitive season when every student is present and contributing to the ensemble success! Thank you!

Stockdick Junior High Upcoming Events /schedule

  • 3/2: Music for All Send Off Concert
  • 3/5: Beginner Ensemble Recital Dinner
  • 3/9 - 3/13: SPRING BREAK!
  • 3/12 - 3/14: Music for All National Concert Band Festival in Indianapolis - Wind Ensemble
  • 3/17: Cluster Pre-UIL Concert
  • 3/18: Clinic Mr. Vaughn
  • 3/31 - 4/1: Non-Varsity UIL
  • 4/2 - 4/3: Varsity UIL
  • 4/13: Chipotle Fun Food Spirit Night!
  • 4/15: ITZ Festival Beginning Band
  • 4/25 - Second Annual West Houston Car Show!

Stockdick JH 2019 - 2020 Band Info:

Click on the button below to view the required materials, any band/instrument fees, Stockdick Band Handbook, and more!

2nd Annual West Houston Car Show!

2nd Annual West Houston Car Show:

The Second Annual West Houston Car Show is FAST approaching! Invite family, friends, neighbors, your mechanic, car enthusiasts and more! The 2nd Annual West Houston Car Show is FREE to attend! Proceeds go directly back to the students of the Paetow and Stockdick Band Programs.

We have TONS of volunteer opportunities for the 2nd Annual West Houston Car Show:

  • Car judging, concessions, parking and traffic flow, vendor midway, and more!
  • If you would like to get more involved with the car show, please e-mail our booster president Chrissy Liverman at, chrissyliverman2001@icloud.com.
Some of our MULTI-TALENT Students and Athletes!

Class Registration:

Every year we receive questions such as:

  • Can I do band and athletics?
  • Can I get this endorsement and do band?
  • Is it possible to go to Miller Career Center and still do band?
  • Etc.

The answer to every question above and more, is absolutely YES! Below is a great resource for FAQ's we receive, as well as a demonstration of different '4 year plans' for High School put together by school counselors!

Schedule Fun!

Paetow-Stockdick Band Booster Update:

The PSBBO does INVALUABLE work in assisting and enriching the experience for the students and staff of the Paetow and Stockdick Bands as they continue their historic growth and success during their first two years of existence!

We HIGHLY encourage all Paetow and Stockdick Band families to get involved as much as possible with the PSBBO!

If you would like to get more involved with the PSBBO, please e-mail our booster president Chrissy Liverman at, chrissyliverman2001@icloud.com.

Next Scheduled General Booster Meeting:

April 13th, 6:00PM Paetow High School

Some of our AMAZING parent Volun-Heros!


Do you own a business? Do you work for a company that would like to sponsor our band program? We are looking for sponsors at all financial levels.

Our Sponsorship Program is a great and easy way for any businesses to support our incredible students. Our 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization status makes all donations tax deductible.

These donations help to create opportunities for hundreds of band students to experience the life long memories, lessons and experiences that only band can provide. If you or anyone you know is interested in becoming a sponsor, please email GregoryRedner@katyisd.org and we will send you the details.

Some of our 2018-2019 School Year Sponsors!

Private Lessons!

All Paetow High School and Stockdick Junior High band students are highly encouraged to enroll in private lessons. Private lessons offer your child a unique experience that he or she cannot receive in a regular classroom setting. Private lessons are geared toward helping your son or daughter become a truly great musician with incredibly individualized instruction! Private lessons are a wonderful resource that can contribute an enormous amount to a student’s musical success!

Private Lesson Facts to consider:

  • OVER 95% of the student musicians that earn placement within bands at Region, Area, and All-State take private lessons!
  • Each student in the Band has the opportunity to study privately with a professional musician in our private lessons program!
  • Taking private lessons has a direct connection to a student’s success!
  • Enrollment in private lessons is a SIGNIFICANT predictor of a student’s success in music!
  • Click Here for a FANTASTIC Article on the effects of music lessons!
Monsters Marching!

Student Fees:

Please continue to complete all payments and wrap up student accounts for any outstanding band fees. Login and Payment instructions are copied below:

Go to www.CharmsOffice.com

School code: PaetowBand

Initial Password: your student's ID#

(If you have trouble logging in, contact Mr. Thompson to have the password reset)

Once logged in, look for the red $ at the top to see your student's financials

End of Year!

Director Responsibilities:

Please see below about which staff member to contact to get the quickest possible response to the listed subject matters. (click on name for e-mail)

Mr. Liverman - Stockdick Junior High Head Director, Booster Program Liason, Program Administration, Student Finances and Accounts, Wind Ensmble, Concert Band

Ms.Sharp - Stockdick Junior High Assistant Director, Instrument Usage Fees, Lockers, Concert Band

Mr Redner - Booster Program Liason, Program Administration, Percussion Studio, Marching Band, Wind Symphony, Student Finances and Accounts

Mr. Thompson - Instrument Inventory & Repair, Instrument Usage Fees, Lockers, Middle School Co-Ordinator, Chamber Music Program, Symphonic Winds

Mr. Zamprelli - Private Lessons, Concert Winds, Uniforms, Marching Band, Marching Band Props, Middle School Co-Ordinator, SJH Symphonic Band

Ms. Deci - Color Guard Director

Take advantage of Private Lessons TODAY!!!

Paetow Band Social Media:

Our students, directors, and parents have been hard at work capturing all events as we progress through the year. There are several places you can go to receive photos, videos, and updates on band activities. Be sure to like/follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!

PSBBO Adobe Spark Archive

Click the link below for the saved PDF archive of Adobe Spark's so you can access and see previous sparks and information!

8th Grade Night Football Game!

Directors Update:

We are off to an OUTSTANDING start to the Spring 2020 Semester! Students Advancing to TMEA Area, Region Band Contests, yards getting 'Flocked' and more! We can't wait to see the continued growth and development of every student in the Paetow and Stockdick Band Programs!

Continue to encourage your child to be practicing everyday, drinking water to stay hydrated, eat healthy meals, and get quality sleep!

If you have any questions or concerns at any point, please don’t hesitate to contact any of the Director Staff at any point. Thank you!

Best wishes,

Director Staff

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