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I think globalization is making the world a better place because of trade marketing.

Trade marketing is when a country trades with a country and it goes all around the world. For example the plastic spoon is created by crude oil and put into a mold and heated to make plastic spoons. Then they are shipped to other countries who pack them and shipped all around the world. The put on shelves and they you buy then used. The spoon was traded so they can make money from other countries to countries.

Globalization pt.2
Mount Everest pic collage

I think that Everest is worth it because it's a Good experience because if you make it all the way up to the summit you will feel like you're on top of the world. Everest is one of the tallest mountain in the world and the oxygen levels is really low so it's hard to breath. On Mount Everest you have to pay money to climb.also I would hire some Sherpa to help. There is lots of snowdrift and ice falls. On Mount Everest there's a lot of trash in 1900’s Mount Everest is a graveyard to lots of people because they don’t make it. On Mount Everest there is two summits south summit and the summit I think that's its worth it because you will feel happy and on top of the world.

Bucket List



In the European Union there are centrifugal forces that divide people. One example of a centrifugal force is that not all countries have adopted the the euro. There are five countries that decided to keep their own currency and did not adopt the euro. The countries that did not adopt the euro are Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, United Kingdom, and Sweden. This means it is harder to exchange money when traveling from country to country. Another centrifugal force that divides people is language. In the European Union there are more than 20 different languages. When a person travels into another country it makes communicating difficult and that does not bring people together. While the European Union was created to bring people together there are still centrifugal forces in the Union that pull people apart.


Citizens have to have rights. You can have rights to talk without being told to stop. Another reason why citizens have rights is because if you make something and someone robbed you just wa. Another right that citizens have are the right to vote.Every citizens has the right to do something about it. Another right is that everyone has the right for freedom of speech because Other people can not tell someone to be quiet they have the freedom of speech. The last topic is taxes. People pay taxes to help the state run

Representative democracy is the most effective styles of government because it does not control its citizens. Citizens vote and elect representatives to represent their rights and interest. The representatives elected look at issue that citizens need to fix,find situations and pass laws to keep the country going.Representative democracy creates a constitution saying that citizens have rights and have to follow the laws. If a president wants to make a law he has to use the parts of government because of the checks and balance system called separation of powers. No part of government has too much power. Representative democracy is a limited government because it uses a system of checks and balance it is the most effective form of government. You're allowed to be free in a Representative democracy. In a Representative democracy it gives you rights and laws to follow and it protects you from anarchy and dictatorship.

African Sahara

How do people adapt to living in a desert region?

People adapt in a desert region by wearing loose clothing. They do this so they won't get sunburn and the heat will stay away. In the desert the men were blue and they were long so they can cover there whole body. When traders are in the desert and there almost out of water they would want to find a oasis. Some oasis are on a map but they have might have gone through drought. We need to save the oasis from pollution and not chase drought and soon everything will become desert and save water.


Valuable resources like oil can have a negative effect on a region. If there's an oil spill a lot of animals would die of poisoning. Also, oil is really hard to clean up and spreads quickly. Not all regions use the money from oil reserves in a way to help people. Saddam Hussein spent oil money on war materials. OPEC works to control oil prices. However, they don't always work together when it comes to oil prices on different countries. This is why valuable resources such as oil can have a negative effect on a region.


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