Neptune By:kamden bailey

Name of Planet - Name of the Planet The planet is called Neptune.

The diameter or size of the planet - The diameter of the planet is 30,775 miles.

The period or rotation and revolution - The period or rotation and revolution is 16 hours and revolution is 60,190 earth days.

Average distance from the sun - The average distance from the sun is 2795 billion miles.

Origin of the planet’s name -The planets name came from a roman god called god of the sea.

Average surface temperature or range of temperature -The average surface temperature is -326 °F (-199 °C).

4 Interesting Facts -

1. Neptune temperatures are very high so the interiors are probably liquid.

2. Scientists think that it is mostly made Up of ices of water methane and ammonia plus molten silicate rock and metal.

3.Neptune produces its own magnetic field.

4.Neptune has 14 known moons.


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