• He wore whatever he wanted because he did not care about his appearance. He walked around with a staff all the time.


  • Walks around with his staff all the time and helps the people that have nothing.


  • He claims that he is poor but rich in holy thought and work.


  • Middle class and part of the Church.


  • He is kind-hearted and a holy-minded priest who always gave to the poor parishioners from both Church offerings and his property.


  • A priest who gives church offerings and stuff from his property to ones who owe nothing.


  • He hates cursing, is a gentle and wonderfully diligent, and patient when adversity was sent. He stayed at home and watched over his fold so that. If you don't listen to him, he will give you crap. He was a learned man and a clerk. He was a shepherd not a mercenary. He was discrete in teaching and benign. He stays at home to give lessons on God instead of going to London and giving services to the wealthy dead.


  • Asunder: apart, divided into pieces.
  • Contemptuous: showing contempt; scornful.
  • Scrupulosity: Characterized by pathological guilt about moral or religious issues. It is personally distressing, objectively, dysfunctional, and often accompanied by significant impairment social functioning.

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