Eli Whitney By Danny Dougherty

Early Life:

  • Born December 8, 1765
  • Born in Westbourough, Massechusetts
  • Grew up in a farm
  • Made violins and a nail forge
  • Found an interest in machinery
Yale University


  • Went and graduated from Yale
  • Moved to Savannah, George
  • Moved with Catherine Green
People working with the cotton gin


  • Inventor
  • Built muskets for government
  • Invented Interchangeable parts
  • Invented the cotton gin
  • Invented Canes

Later years

  • Married Henrietta Edwards
  • Had four children
  • Died on January 8, 1825
  • Died at age 59


Created with images by Michael R. P. Ragazzon - "Field" • alohamalakhov - "tuscany grape field" • tpsdave - "yale university landscape universities" • born1945 - "Cotton Gins in Arkansas, in about 1900"

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