Inside the Job How to become a fish and gAme warden and whAt they do

During the college and job research, I learned that although I had the impression of knowing a lot about college, I don't know that much. I did not know that you must pay a fee for room and board, and the books and supplies are much much more expensive than i thought.
During that research I learned that there are reccomended high school classes I can take to help me prepare for this job. These include animal science, PhyEd, criminology, and psychology.
However, this job will still be challenging. Among many other tasks, I will have to patrol assigned areas using boat, car, plane, horse, or on foot. I will also have to be able to promote hunter safety, while protecting and preserving the wildlife and ecosystems. Lastly, I will have to be able to seize equipment used in violations. Some skills and abilities I will need include communication, reasoning and problem solving, and perceiving and visualizing, among others. Some physical demand include sitting and standing for long periods, and being able to speak clearly. I will have to wear a uniform, work outside, maintain a high level of interaction with people through speaking in person, on the phone, or through e-mail, and be independent,
The wages are also very good for the job. In Minnesota, you can get a maximum of $33.97 an hour and $70,929 annually. This is very good because the survey we took that told us approximately how much it would cost for me to live in my two bed, one-and-a-half bath apartment was about $39,000. This means I will be able to afford many toys to play with throughout the seasons.
Some high school classes I could use include animal science, computer apps, criminology, phy-ed, and psychology. In order to prepare for the job I need 2-3 years of college, up to one month of on-the-job training, and some police work experience couldn't hurt, either.


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