Free Beans From the garden

Created this page to keep a log of our garden. We broke ground a month ago and planted Red Potatoes. We then started a row of Purple Hull, Cucumber, Zucchini, Sweet Corn, Cherry Tomatoes, and Banana Peppers.


Created with images by jimg944 - "Viansa Vineyards & Winery, Sonoma Valley, California, USA" • Greyerbaby - "purple hull peas" • Farther Along - "Fresh purple-hull peas from the Fayetteville Farmers Market...ready for tonight's dinner..." • cristina.sanvito - "zucchini" • csouza_79 - "zucchini" • Efraimstochter - "corn on the cob fodder maize corn" • The Marmot - "Sweet Corn" • watts_photos - "banana pepper" • leoleobobeo - "ripening tomatoes tomato tomatoes" • La Grande Farmers' Market - "Red Potatoes"

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