Such an amazing start of the year for our campus ministry. God has his ultimate plan of the things that is happening, even to the ministry that we do in the campuses.

Jasper, one of our volunteers sharing in front of the class

Jasper is one of our faithful volunteers in our congregation and now stepping out in faith and sharing his life to these students. This was his first time sharing in front of a crowd! What a great opportunity for him to do this since few years back, he was one of those students at the same school where he is helping now, Rizal High School.

This time, I want to give you an update about our current work in the campuses, our ongoing youth service, and our future plans that will help us maneuver things and shift to what God has in store for us as a ministry.

We’re just a month and few days ago from having a new year and here’s a time where we check and assess how our campus ministry is moving and what else can we do to further develop what we’re doing--discipleship of students in the campuses. We’ve aligned ourselves to the direction God is telling us in the ministry and further develop our campus work.

One of the groups in our section 19 outreach class

This time, we’ve been making a strong presence in our campus assignment, including Rizal High School and Rizal Technological University, where I am assigned with.

College of Business and Entrepreneurial Technology (RTU) seminar in partnership with EN Campus
Continue to pray for us as we look for opportunities to make a strong presence of Victory groups and campus evangelism inside the campuses that will result into students being part of discipleship and adding them to the church or on our context, youth services.

Sharing about our youth services, we are currently on our series entitled “Heartbeat”. This series allows us to let them further understand their identity, the concept of marriage, and God’s design about sex.

Our ongoing Youth Service series, Heartbeat

As stated earlier, we’ve made a stronger campus presence, one of the ways of it is through giving invitations for our youth services and spreading posters for advertisements.

Invitation being given out to different campuses
We’re excited to see the growth God has promised us for our youth services and we as a team strategically think of ways how can we bridge these students into discipleship. Continue to pray for our youth services as this is one of our ways for the students to be part of discipleship.

With regards to our plans in the ministry, we are intentionally and strategically creating small talks or a bigger group type and will be sharing about LOVE, SEX, and DATING as this is a “hot button” issue for the students nowadays and taking the opportunity that this month is also renowned as “love month”.

Small talks will run all throughout the month with 2 main purposes: allow them to learn these things even as young as they are and disciple them.

Continue to pray for us as we plan this event and i will further update you about what happened.

With all these said, I want to thank you for continuously partnering and praying for me and our team. Your generosity towards the ministry goes a long way of students being discipled and plugged-in into Victory groups and spiritual family. Again, thank you for your partnership! I am blessed with your giving.

I will bless the Lord at all times; his praise shall continually be in my mouth. -PSALM 34:1

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