Samurai Project By: Israel garcia p.5

The Rise of Military Society.

Minamoto Yoritomo established the Society in 1192. He became the first shogun which was the top daimyo. Daimyo had thier own armies of samurai. The daimyo gave the samurai land and they protected him. The followed a code called bushido.

Samurai Weapons, Armor, and Fighting

Samurai wore a colorful robe called kimono, baggy trousers, and shin pads made of leather. The armor was made of small metal plates and was shaped like a box which was on their back and chest. Shoulder guards hand over their hips. Some wore thigh pads, a metal helmet, and a mask to scare enemies. Samurai fought with bows, spears and swords. Samurai swords were flexible and razor sharp. They had a small sword to cut off heads. Messengers met to decide the time and place of combat. Both sides told each other names and other stuff. Then they charged. Samuria tried to find someone matched with them. The winning side cuts off the heads of thier opponents.

Samurai Training and the Warrior Code (Bushido and other Values)

People became samurai by being apprenticed by archery masters. They trained until they could shoot accurately without thinking and fence without thinking. They also went days without eating, marched barefoot in snow to learn self control. Samurai meditated every day. Bushido required them to have honor, loyalty, and bravery. Seppuku was a ritual suicide performed so they wouldn't fall in the hands of the enemy.

Trading in Writing, Literature, and Tea Ceremony

Samurai practiced calligraphy which is beautiful writing. They also wrote poetry called haiku. The tea ceremony was performed a certain way. A tea master invited someone and they crawled under the doorway. The tea master made tea and the guest then had to take three sips and cleaned the rim with a tissue.

Spiritual Training

Honen founded amida Buddhism in the 12th century. People enter the pure land by repeating Amida's name up to 70,000 times a day. Zen Buddhism stressed self-reliance and achieving meditation. Zen masters created gardens to aid meditation, and asked puzzling questions called koans.

Women in Samurai Society

Women position declined over time. In the 12th century women helped manage the household and promote the family's interests. When her husband died she owned the land. Sometimes they even fought in battle. In the 17th century women's positions became weaker. Men were the lords of their households. They did not even choose their husbands. When young they were controlled by their father, when grown husband, when old son. Women had to stick to simple food and clothes and stay away from most entertainment. During the day, they had to weave, sew, spin, and take care of their households.

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