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Art and The Good Life: The picture of the busy roads and buildings of New York City I would relate to sharing the good life. It demonstrates how first the great architects and city planners designed the city which helped feed their families while also creating the necessary infrastructure and thus powerhouse of economic prosperity that many generations of humans have been able to enjoy. This reminds us that the good life does not have to be a selfish act and one person's good life does not have to come at expense of another's.
Piece Name: American Abstraction Artist: Frank Stella Medium of the Art: This piece of abstract art actually left me so confused I was interested at first sight. Its simple diversity of color and loop like structure along with its lack of definite shape makes it highly abnormal, while awesome. It left me absolutely dazzled by its nontraditional but still awe-striking beauty.
Design of the museum: The museum had one of the most awkward yet awesome designs ever. The part I was standing was like a midway between wings(African American and Latino) of art and seemed to have a hexagonal shape which almost helped create a natural panorama further enhanced by the room's circularity. The panorama draws more attention to the especially large pieces of artwork, along with their descriptions, like the one behind me in the photo.
Painting Name: Tintorera del Mar (Sharks of the Ocean), Pienas Portfolio Artist: Lorenzo Homar Art and Core Values: This image is actually meant to show the greedy proletariat as the shark. The people are being gobbled up. The sugar mill lobby and their lawyers take the resources of a small town and abuse its people with the power they have in hired armies. This actually is similar to the current situation with the DAPL and I stand with the Native Americans so I understand the plight of those involved in the portrait. Thus, it instills a sense of sadness and a similar sense of awesomeness in the way history repeats itself and how people abuse other good lives to better their own.
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