Remote Learning milefield primary school

At Milefield, we pride ourselves on the high-quality remote education offer we provide for our children to ensure their learning continues to progress.

As curriculum leader, our Deputy Head Mr McClure has an overarching responsibility for the quality and delivery of remote education, ensuring that our provision meets expectations for our whole school community

Mrs Trickett (Acting Headteacher) & Mr McClure (Deputy Headteacher) are our named remote learning leaders at Milefield Primary School.
A little note from us to say...

Thank you! First and foremost, a huge thank you to absolutely everyone who has worked hard with their children at home to ensure their learning journey was not halted during this difficult time. Please remember the Government's key message: If you can stay at home, please do stay at home. Let's keep everyone safe. This means if you can keep your child at home, this is the best option.

HCAT, our staff and your children have all worked together to ensure no learning time has been lost. Many pupils are applying the same level of effort we see in school daily whilst at home. The rest of this document will detail how you can access all aspects of remote learning.

These services will remain the same in case of a bubble lockdown or a closure when school is back open as normal. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to speak to teachers/ TAs outside school in the morning/after school or over the phone (01226710329), or via twitter (@MilefieldP @mfps_parents) or our dedicated email address (parents@milefieldprimary.org.uk).

School closures

On January 5th 2021, the Prime Minister announced that all schools were to remain closed to all pupils except those of key workers and vulnerable pupils. Please click the button for official Government guidance...

Safeguarding/Behaviour whilst Remote learning

As in school, our policies for behaviour and safeguarding remain in place whilst working at home. If we have any concerns about a child whilst online learning, we will speak to the parent/carer first and foremost. Any referrals to social care will take place as and when required.

All cameras and microphones will be off/muted during online learning and the chat function will be used to communicate during the lesson only. Please remind your child(ren) staff can read and print anything written on their Teams chat page. Please see our policies page on our website...

Remote Learning provision for all

All learning for those at home will take place online. This is why we have launched Arbor, Teams (See separate page on button below) and Seesaw recently.

What should my child expect from immediate remote education in the first day of pupils being sent home?

Our remote education offer is delivered via two different online platforms: Microsoft Teams to delivery the live input and Seesaw for children to complete their activities.

On this first day, school will prioritise ensuring that logins for both platforms are shared with parents/carers and children. We have provided training for children to be able to use both of these whilst at school.

Please be aware that whilst this is being organised, learning may be set initially by Seesaw alone until the live input on Microsoft Teams is ready to launch.

Your child has an Office 365 username and password to access Microsoft Teams at home. An informative letter has been sent home with explanations on how this works for parents. We also have a useful video below.

Will my child be taught broadly the same curriculum as they would if they were in school?

High expectation, high quality and high engagement are the key strands to home learning and we promote this throughout our remote education offer.

We teach the same broad & balanced curriculum remotely as we do in school wherever possible and appropriate. However, we have needed to make some adaptations in some subjects. For example, we are aware of some curriculum subjects may require specialist resources or equipment that would be unavailable to children self-isolating at home such as a cohort currently focusing on basketball in physical education.

Therefore, adaptations will be made to ensure that all children can access the curriculum with the resources available to them at home.

They will be expected to login at specific times (See Timetable below) and their class teacher will deliver live learning to introduce lessons then their learning will take place online using Seesaw. This will eliminate the amount of missed learning time for any pupils who remain at home. All lessons are recorded and uploaded to Seesaw. This means your child(ren) can access at a later time if sharing devices with siblings or if they require further support.

Please ensure your child(ren) log on and have their microphone switched off. They should use the chat function if they have questions or answers during the lesson. Their work should then be uploaded to Seesaw.

The Government expectations set out that each Key Stage should have specific amounts of time learning whilst at home.

Key Stage One - 3 hours per day.

Key Stage Two - 4 hours per day.

This is equivalent in length to the core teaching pupils receive in school and will include both recorded/live direct teaching time alongside time for pupils to complete tasks and assignments independently via Seesaw.

Please see timetable below for those pupils.

(KS1 - Year 1, Y1/2 and Y2; KS2 - Year 3 - 6.)

Please ensure your child logs in each day and completes the work set. KS1 will post Wider curriculum lessons to Seesaw too. This will ensure all pupils will receive a broad and balanced curriculum.

We set accounts up in school to ensure pupils can access Microsoft Teams. We also ran an at-home practice session using Teams prior to the Christmas break. This way, this will not be an alien concept to pupils when at home. You may use: smart phones, tablets, Xbox/Playstations and PCs/laptops for Microsoft Teams and Seesaw. If you struggle to access this at home, please let us know as soon as possible. Here is a link for many useful guides on how to use Teams effectively.

Pupils' usernames for Teams are FirstnameSurname@milefieldprimary.org.uk

If you need your password resetting, please call and ask Mr McClure.

If my child does not have digital or online access at home, how will you support them to access remote education?

We recognise that some pupils may not have suitable online access at home. We take the following approaches to support those pupils to access remote education:

All parents and carers have been contacted to establish if any digital equipment would be required for children to fully access our remote education provision.

We have laptops/tablets that are available to be loaned out during the event of a bubble closure. These would need to be signed for and collected to agree to the terms of use. We have also sent a form out to complete if you would like to take advantage of the Government's offer of free data on your exisiting plan.

If you require more data for your mobile phone, school have purchased data sims you may request, free of charge. Please contact school and we can arrange these for you.

If you cannot access digital resources in any of the above circumstances, please request a workpack. These will be allocated fortnightly and must be returned to school for marking and feedback. These will be sent out in the following work pack. Parents/carers must collect from school when notified of availability. Please maintain social distancing.

If you require any support accessing digital equipment, please contact school via: 01226710329 or @MilefieldP or @mfps_parents on Twitter.

Teams help for parents

How will you check whether my child is engaging with their work and how will I be informed if there are concerns?

To reflect the same practice as in school, a daily register will be taken for each online session to check which children are:

Present during online sessions

Responding and completing activities on Seesaw

If there are any circumstances arising where engagement is a concern, class teachers will contact parents/carers via phone call to discuss how we can support in raising the engagement of your child with our remote education provision.

How will you assess my child’s work and progress?

Feedback can take many forms and may not always mean extensive written comments for individual children. For example, whole-class feedback or verbal comments via digital platforms are also valid and effective methods, amongst many others. Teaching staff provide feedback regularly online during Teams meetings and on Seesaw. Our approach to feeding back on pupil work is as follows:

Have the highest expectations of all pupils in relation to quality of work produced.

Following the marking & feedback policy to mirror in-school practice.

Provide feedback on every child's work via Seesaw for each subject.

Ensure that children are aware of the next steps within their learning.

Targeted Support/Interventions

Using our rigorous tracking system in school, we highlight key pupils who require targeted support in all areas. This includes those pupils with special educational needs. Therefore, we will offer live teaching sessions with 2 members of support staff to deliver these sessions. Phone calls to specific targeted pupils have taken place and these sessions will be open to all in each year group daily. We are focusing on phonics or reading firstly to ensure these key skills continue to develop during the lockdown.

Please remember, your child will also be able to access these if they are in this year group. If our staff have called you specifically, please ensure you attend these sessions daily as this will ensure they do not miss out on the support they would have received if they were in school.

See above for your child's extra sessions.

Pupils with SEND

As a school, we are committed to working collaboratively with families, putting in place, reasonable adjustments as necessary, so that pupils with SEND can successfully access remote education alongside their peers.

Where pupils in school have provision specified within their EHC plan or individual support plan, support will be provided on a case-by-case basis. If the pupil is in our school, they will be receiving quality first teaching in class alongside the remote teaching from their usual teacher. Support will be provided from the teaching staff working with their group.

Provision for pupils with SEND includes home learning packs which ensures pupils can access differentiated and bespoke learning opportunities which meet their specific needs. If you require additional support in relation to practical ideas/activities for home learning, please call and ask to speak to a member of staff.

If they are at home accessing remote learning, extra support is provided in live sessions each afternoon as well as a weekly pastoral meeting set up for pupils with social, emotional and mental health needs.

Any specialist services or meetings with professionals will be conducted via online means (Teams meetings) set up by each individual service or our Director of SEND, Mrs Walker. Remote assessments will take place via Teams and in person, where possible. These will always be followed up with letters/ phone calls to speak to parents/carers.

If you would like to discuss this further or set up a meeting with our director of SEND, please do get in touch.

Extra support on offer for pupils whilst in lockdown.

Pupils' wellbeing

Members of our SLT will be conducting regular home visits to our pupils who we do not see regularly online. Staff will also be making phone calls daily to ensure pupils are safe, happy and working well at home. Those pupils accessing our setting will receive support in class. A weekly PSHCE session will take place with their teacher to ensure pupils have time to discuss worries/concerns. Any further support required will be provided as and when appropriate.

A weekly special mentions assembly will take place online and all pupils will be invited via their Teams account. These are usually held Friday afternoons around 2pm. The attendance winners will also be announced in this assembly. Your child's certificates will then be emailed out and any prizes posted the following week.

Parents' wellbeing

Our parents have access to our dedicated parents' Twitter page @mfps_parents and the virtual worry box is linked on there regularly for parents to drop a message in so Miss Jones can contact them and offer any support required. Don't forget, you are not alone.

Friday Coffee Mornings take place at 10am each week. These will be themed each week and involve quizzes, feedback sessions and useful tips and tricks for keeping your children engaged whilst at home. If you would like to join these, ask Miss Jones for the link to be sent weekly. We send out via Twitter and text every Friday morning.

We will send a Feelgood Friday playlist to sing and dance to whilst at home, please share your photographs of children enjoying these songs each week via Twitter @Milefieldp and @mfps_parents. We are also asking for your best baking/cooking recipes each week and will be looking to share workout tips whilst at home to ensure yours and your child's mind and body are kept active and happy!

A surprise story will be sent to the class who have impressed us the most on Seesaw each week or fortnightly, keep your eyes peeled for these on Seesaw announcements.

Top Tips for Parents

  1. Set a suitable timetable for use of device(s) during live learning/Seesaw (See example below - emailed to parents 8th Feb).
See above for a suggested Timetable for parents at home (EYFS/KS1).
See above for a suggested Timetable for parents at home (KS2).

2. Set a charter with your child(ren) - what is acceptable at home? How should they stay safe? (See example below - shared with parents via email 8th Feb, shared with pupils in an assembly).

3. Practise using Teams/Seesaw when you have spare time to go over use and how to upload work.

4. Call school if you have any queries/questions about online learning or home learning packs.

5. Ensure your child(ren) have time to complete their work in a quiet, comfortable space. They will require at least 20 minutes per lesson to complete and upload work. Some children may take longer.

6. Do not worry if your child is struggling to keep up, use the recorded sessions to complete the work when they are ready. They will all be on Seesaw along with the work.


We offer dynamic learning opportunities that can be responded to in a variety of ways. We want pupils, families and carers to be excited to share their work rather than force pupils to complete tasks that they do not value.

We have decided to use seesaw for home learning on the success and feedback from teachers, parents and pupils during the time of the first lockdown. Below are examples of what home work will look like each day:

When they log in to their home learning account, they will need to click on activities and they will see all the lessons their teacher has posted for them to act on. They then need to click 'Add response'.
The above example shows what the slide will look like. The pupil can then add to this by clicking the tools on the left and the pens along the bottom to share their answers. When they have done this, they need to click the green tick in the top right and this will post their response.
The teacher will then see their response and will be able to respond with feedback. Your child can go back and edit or read their response from their teacher.

Dojo points will still be awarded to all pupils who return work and share their learning on Seesaw. Dojo points = prizes! All pupils have had their dojo logins sent home so you can regularly check how many your child is receiving daily and ask them about these.

Here is the teacher's view when work is set. All pupils are listed below so teachers can easily view who has attempted the work and who has not that session.

Work will be set for each lesson to ensure all pupils have access to learning at all points. Please ensure your child uploads their work in each session and let school know if you are having issues.

Where individual pupils need to self-isolate but the majority of their peer group remains in school, how remote education is provided will likely differ from the approach for whole groups. This is due to the challenges of teaching pupils both at home and in school.

If my child is not in school because they are self-isolating, how will their remote education differ from the approaches described above?

We will aim to reflect their remote education as closely as possible to the approach described above and the curriculum offer their peers are receiving at school.

Videos for our Polish speaking parents/carers

Below are extra opportunities for learning your child may take part in whilst at home...


At Milefield, we believe that reading for pleasure can be a huge step to unlocking a pupil's potential. It is a gateway subject which can allow a child to develop learning in all other areas of their lives.

Please see our Reading home page on our school website:

Your child will have a reading record which looks something like this. When they are listened to in school, they will have this completed. They will also record their current reading book in here. Please aim to read daily with pupils and wherever possible, write about their reading in here. Older pupils (Y5/6) should be able to write in it themselves too. If they prefer to record it on Seesaw, they may upload this and their teachers can view it then and comment on it.


At Milefield, we have paid a subscription so your child may practise spellings at home regularly. It is completely free to download and use. Pupils have all been sent home a login for this service (Not EYFS).


At Milefield, we understand how difficult the lockdown and COVID has been for pupils and parents at home 24/7. We know some pupils will struggle to remember the pencil grip and handwriting expected in daily lessons. Therefore, we have continued our subscription to Letter Join for handwriting support. We use this in daily sessions in class too. See below for how to access your child's free online account...

Click the button below to access the website...
These are pupils' login details.
You may choose your child's year group or just navigate the tabs on the left.
When you click on a tab, this will be what you see. The above example is easy letters.
This now shows what happens when you choose a box from the above example. I focused on i, l, t.
Now I have clicked l. You may choose what your child finds difficult. Most children find ascenders (b, d, l, h, t) and descenders (j, q, p, y) difficult. This will now allow you to see an animation of how to write the letter with clear voice instructions. On the bottom right, you may print these to try at home, or try on the tablet/computer/smart phone to practise the motion.

With extra practice daily, pupils will improve their presentation overall. This website also has number formation practice. See the 'More letters' tab to find these and practise them.

Times tables

To encourage parents and carers to support learning times tables at home we have a paid subscription for Times Tables Rockstars. Pupils will access the software in school, but they will also be given log ins so that they can practice at home. For further information on Times Times and how we use TTRockstars please see the Times Tables spark:

Does my child have to complete extended (homework) learning tasks as well as the home learning daily?

These tasks will be open ended and last for 2 weeks at a time. If your child is struggling to access this as well as the daily lessons, do not worry. Focus on the daily lessons as apposed to the extended learning tasks. These are there to provide extra learning for those who require it.

Does my child have to do access all elements of the above daily?

During school closures, we expect all pupils to be logged in to Teams at their live learning times per year group and to upload their work to Seesaw. We must ensure their learning does not suffer at this time.

We will make phone calls daily to ensure you are able to access live teaching and continue learning whilst at home.

We aim for all pupils to continue their learning at home. This way they see the importance of learning new skills and take this with them into later life.

Does the work completed have to follow the set task online?

No, as long as your child is completing work at home and learning more about the topic/subject. We are happy to comment on and praise any and all work produced.

I don't have the internet or a laptop at home, what can I do to ensure my child does not miss out?

You may access the majority of the above services on any tablet or smart phone device. If your child would like to complete work online, teachers may allow them some time at breaks to add tasks they bring in on paper or, they may still use paper copies and complete the paper reading records. If your child requires anything printing, please let staff know.

What about safeguarding my child whilst using the internet?

The Seesaw app and all other apps are single user only platforms. Teachers and pupils will only be able to see each others' comments/ work and teachers have to approve any work/pictures/videos before they go onto their seesaw accounts. If we have any concerns, we would call you, their parent/carer in the first instace. We also recommend that all parents/carers are internet safe and only allow children online when they are aware of what they are using. Have healthy internet usage times and share rules about safe use.

What are the benefits of online platforms for home learning?
  • Children can still discuss any issues with their teacher and see a familiar face everyday.
  • They remain in a school routine daily.
  • The days go quicker!
  • Parents can use this opportunity to ask for support with understanding of key concepts taught online/in school.
  • Their learning does not suffer.
  • If reading records or homework books are lost or left at school, home work and reading can still be uploaded to seesaw and completed digitally or on paper and a photo can be uploaded.
  • Tasks are accessible at any time. If a task is too difficult or your child does not have the time to complete it, they can always return to it later - it won't disappear.
  • Class teachers can 'like' uploads to show that have seen it and add comments if they believe it will help further their learning or to praise the pupil's hard work.
  • Class teachers can upload activities that are linked to current learning to further pupils' knowledge and deepen their understanding.
  • It will keep a digital record of all you child's home learning. Rather than keeping it in a book, which can easily become lost or damaged, there will be a digital log of what they have achieved at home.


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