Cut, block and score Photos by Kelsey Jones

SHS lacrosse won their first game 12-1 against Columbus North on April 21

Freshman Noah Daniel passes the ball to senior Tristan Dyson during the third quarter of the Columbus North game on April 21.
Seniors Griffin Thomas (left), Ernest Hursey (middle) and Christian Conway (right) kneel during an injury timeout from Columbus North.
Senior Nick Frank throws his hands in the air after a close goal was made. Frank had one goal and one assist during the game.
As senior Ernest Hursey runs down the field, he passes the ball to another teammate. Hursey had two assists during the game. An assist is when the player passes the ball to the teammate who scores a goal.
Senior Griffin Thomas (left) runs past head coach Thomas Wright (right) while carrying the ball.
Senior Blake Kottlowski pushes his opponent as he plays defense. Kottlowski had a total of nine ground balls. A ground ball is when a player picks up the ball after it is loose on the ground.
After making a goal in the third quarter, senior Lai Thang smiles. Thang played the first three quarters, scoring a total of five goals.

Game statistics

SHS made 56 attempts at making a goal.

Columbus North made 11 attempts at making a goal.

Senior Lai Thang scored 63% of his shots made with a total of five goals.

Senior Griffin Thomas scored 33% of the total goals.

Senior Nick Frank won 11 out of 12 face offs he participated in.

There were a total of eight assists.