Chase H. and Daniella L. Helping Food Insecurity at Home!

After looking through our list of issues, we came to an agreement that there are so many households in America that have so much food. Too much for them to even eat, so a lot gets wasted. However, for every 10 households overflowing with food, there is one starving. Finally, our issue is that the food from the houses that have it, are not being connected with the ones that do not causing hunger in America when there does not need to be.

Here are two questions and a representation of how the issue may occur

Many Families buy food just to have in the house. They think it will be needed but to be honest it never really does. What happen to that food though? Trash, perfectly good food goes straight into the trash because the wealthier families with a lot of food don’t think about distributing it or giving it to people with less food in their household really don’t have enough, if not practically none. Did you know that 34 million people in America are poor and need more food to survive but can’t get it? That about 34 million too many, and we would like to make a change, even though it may be small.


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