Iroquois theather fire By:Miguel


The problem was that the fire started during the second act of the play. And A spotlight operator who first noticed that one of the calcium lights seemed to have sparked a fire backstage. The cluttered area was full of fire fuel–wooden stage props and oily rags.

Carl Prinzler

Carl Prinzler was a hardware sales man. He wanted to make sure a tragedy such as the Iroquois theather fire won't happen again so he set out to invent the first panic bar. This panic bar, know used worldwide, has been credited to have saved over a million lives since its inception.

How he got involved?

He got involved by making a panic bar so a big fire won't happen again like the Iroquois theater fire.He heard about the fire he made a panic bar that the doors would open outward.The people would have to push the thing the doors would open.

This a panic bar in the photo.

Carl Prinzler did with his actions

What he did with his action was to make a panic bar.The panic bar was made after the Iroquois theather fire .The panic bar is a type of door opening mechanism which allows users to open a door by pushing a bar.He made it would people only have to push the bar so the door would open it.

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