Day of Lifting With Coach B story by: jacqlyn Rice

Hobie Bobbitt squats his max in front of coach B.

Hobie Bobbitt squats his max out today with Coach B. "I struggle with squats because my legs aren't very strong so I hate max out days. Coach B pushes them really hard in lifting. Hobie plays football for him so he knows Coach B and how he works so he doesn't really have a problem when he screams in his face or yells at him because he is used to it.

Sophomore Jarrett Coleman dead lifts his max.

Jarrett is a sophomore here at Paoli High School and he also plays football for Coach B. So he as well knows how to handle him and is prepared for his hard lifting days. Jarrett is a very well lifter and hold some records for the most weight lifted. Jarrett is a very hard worker.

Senior Claire Cornwell also dead lifts for her max.

Senior Claire Cornwell has taken Coach B's class for 2 years now. Not very many girls take his class because they are scared of the hard work and his "lifting and running" days. They are very extreme but Claire is the type of girl that can handle that work. She has a very hard work ethic.

Sophomore Josiah McCoy spots Hobbie in his squatting.

Hobbie squats a lot so having a back spot is very important. Part of lifting is having a partner that is there to spot you when you fail to lift the wait. I know coach B would be very upset if Hobbie got hurt because he didn't have a spotter. Support is a big thing in lifting, so no one gets hurt.

Coach B counts and expects the squats and dead lifting.

Coach is very strict on you form while lifting for many reasons such as someone might get hurt if the lift is done wrong, they might not go all the way down which that leads to them not actually lifting all the weight.

Here Josiah has failed to lift his weight and Coach B is correcting him.

Josiah also lifts a lot and its hard to do a lot of reps on your max, so he filed on this one. Coach B helps him and critiques him. It is kinda scary lifting a bunch of weight because when you can't squat back up you have to fall and let the bar land and it is just a scary experience.

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