Andre Carnegie Robber Baron

Andrew Carnegie was one of the best in terms of creating a successful business, but his almost full control of the steel industry, low pay for his workers, and the dangerous work that took place in the factories makes him a Robber Barron

The dangerous work done by steel workers causes them to risk their lives for a small pay because Carnegie did not care about his workers, just the money he makes from them.
Andrew Carnegie reduced pay for his workers to increase the money he got from his steel.
Carnegie lowering the prices of his steel to drive out other small businesses when he can't pay his workers enough, shows both unfair treatment of workers, and how he almost monopolized the steel industry.
A current day company such as Apple can also be seen as a robber baron.
Apple's iPhone has many different generations which all are very close to the same product but they raise the price drastically each time making them seem greedy.
Apple's Phones are also very fragile which shows how the company wants the phones to break so the customer must buy another one and give more money to the company.
Finally, much like Carnegie Apple unfairly pays workers. In foreign countries workers receive £1.12 per hour to create iPhones and iPads

In conclusion company's like Apple and people like Carnegie are seen as robber barons because of the greed they show and unfair treatment and pay for workers.


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