Call The Cops By Rob Hustle

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2014 | Rap

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“All the people sayin is it's crazy down in Florida. -- What you sayin, is you playin? It's the same in California. -- They gangin like they bangin and they'll hang you down in Georgia. -- Frame you in the cage for what you say without a lawyer.”



Luke Tatum

Why is there a limit to the IQ allowed for police officers? This song pulls no punches, expertly lifting the veil to show the Lovecraftian horror beneath. We are straight up lied to about the nature of cops, why they are there, and who they serve. Libertarian comedian Dave Smith made a great point on his podcast, Part of the Problem, that echoes nicely here. To paraphrase: I love it when people say that the cops work for them. They don't work for you! They are paid with stolen money. Imagine a burglar broke into your house and took some of your possessions. Then, you stop them and say, "Okay now buddy, see, you work for me! I paid your salary?" Of course not, that argument is ridiculous.

Sherry Voluntary

This song is LIT! Neither the government nor it's agents have "rights" , they have "authority's" which are usurped from the people, and are in theory temporary and revocable, but we all know that is highly unlikely to happen. The police have become nothing more than a domestic military force against the citizenry to mete out the will of the political class and keep the plebs in line. One image that really stood out to me from the video was of a black woman, hands cuffed behind her, head turned and she is speaking to police when the officer punches her in the face. NOTHING this bound woman could have said would justify such an act. We cannot play the “a few bad apples” game with while people are literally being assaulted and even murdered without any real consequences to cops. This issue is one of my pet issues and I encourage you all to get well informed and speak loudly. Being respectable to normies will not save us. We must use strong rhetoric to fight the tyrannical authoritarian mindset that turns State agents into de-facto heroes.

Nicky P

This song is perhaps the most simple rap song ever constructed. It's a bass riff a single note synth riff and a 1-2 beat. That's hardly even a song. That might be due to how little this song needs to stand up on. The message is enough. No production needed. I think there was a ime when this was primarily minority issue poor neighborhoods, but like any government program it only gets bigger. So something that used to only be a problem for certain parts of the country has now grown swollen into the suburbs. Is it stricly the technology or is it the confluence of military principles into policing? Maybe the homogenization of rural and urban cultures? Whatever the issue it's imposible to ignore. While it's terrible it's taken this long i'm glad the normies are catching up. Be careful though, they still believe this is a race issue and not a tyranny issue. The race aspect is a symptom of economic disparities perpetuated by drug policy, but that's another song.

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Nicky P

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