Elites Secondary School Knowledge is key to the future voices of our world...

Our Purpose... To achieve a wide range of knowledge leading you to a future filled with opportunities, and allowing you to express your inner voice to the world and beyond.
Our Colors...

We choose maroon as our primary color for the reason of its meaning. Maroon is a very dominating color. It shows energy and motivates individuals to take action. It also makes people have quick decisions and increase expectations. We believe this goes perfect with the purpose of our school. We want our students to show lots of energy towards their motivation to learn new topics. We want our students to be quick when it come to thinking and able to take action in all kinds of scenarios. We also choose the color grey as it is a neutral color. This shows an overall mood of just calm.

Our Mascot...

As our mascot we choose the polar bear. We choose the polar bear because of its symbolic meaning. The polar bear knows the wait is worthwhile. They don't rush when accomplishing tasks. They take their time so things get done efficiently and to high quality. We feel this matches our purpose because we want our students to accomplish tasks at high levels for a better future,

Our Physical Enviroment

Open Concept

Having an open concept building allows us to more natural light giving an overall better mood. This doesn’t mean classes would be held in one big room. Classes are still being held in a room but with bigger windows and if available skylights for more natural light.

Multi-Functional Gym

We offer a huge multi-functional gym with a wide variety of up to date exercise and sport equipment. People should have access to exercise equipment all the time. Students should be interested and/or dedicated to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This gym would allow individuals to do so.

Food and beverage service

We offer food and beverage service for students and staff. We serve a variety of meals for breakfast and lunch as well as snacks throughout the day. We believe students are able to learn and concentrate better on a full stomach. This food service would also provide students with healthy meals to help with maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

High Tech Labs

We have high tech computer labs, science labs and a resource center being a quiet place to read, study or hangout with friends during lunch or break. Having High tech labs and a big source of resources allows students to get more hands on with their education. Having more experiences allows students to be ahead of the game moving on to University/College.

Colour Scheme

The overall colour of the building is kept the same throughout. No random or out of place change of colour is needed. Primary colour being maroon and gray as well as neutral colours like black and white. We believe having a well thought out colour scheme sets a positive mood for the students and staff. If everyone is happy the day goes well.

Teachers & Staff Demeanor

Teacher Responsibilities

Teachers are responsible to show up on time, prepare a well planned lesson for each class, teach a lesson to the best of their ability, answer questions students may have to the best of their ability, keep up with marking assignments, get involved with their students and give guidance to students falling behind as long as they accept it.

Extra-curricular involvement

Our teachers will be ready to volunteer their time to be involved with coaching or running extra-curricular activities. We offer a great amount of clubs and teams. Teachers work with students to plan trips and special events in there club or team. Depending on how each club represents the school name, donations from the school are given out.

Attitude - Work

Teachers will have a positive attitude towards the subject they instruct. We feel that if a teacher is passionate for the subject they teach, the students will feel more engaged and ready to learn. When we choose our instructors we ask them what they think about there subject. If you grew up not liking math, don’t teach math.

Attitude - Students

Our teachers will always have a positive attitude toward their students as well as students outside of their class. Our teachers will show the same respect to the students as long as the students show respect to them. When we hire our teachers we ask them about what they think about kids. We believe if you want to be an instructor, the number one thing is you have to like kids. If you don't have feel passionate about working with kids, you have no place in education.

Instructor Evaluations

Our teachers are evaluated by their own students. Each student has a chance to explain their opinion on their teachers. Students must state things like work efficiency, teacher style and attitude. Along with this students are required to explain why they said the things they said with reasonable evidence as well with things the teacher could do differently.

Our Students Behaviours

Code of conduct...

  1. Students must be respectful to the educational rights of all members of the school community.
  2. Students must respect personal property, others property, school resources and the facility.
  3. Students are to not carry weapons, drugs, alcohol or tobacco products at school or to any school related events.
  4. Students attire should be “Appropriate”. Meaning, No gangs, No drug or alcohol references, No profanity.
  5. Students are to use appropriate language.
  6. Students must be passing all classes in order to participate in extracurricular activities.
  7. Students are to use class time to its full extend.
  8. Students should take action when witnessing any type of bullying or harassment towards others.
  9. Students are to keep public displays of affection towards others at minimal or not at all.
  10. Students should disconnect mobile devices from the wifi when not in use to avoid slow internet speed for others.

Student ability and control

Students are able to control a wide range of activities and decisions throughout the school. The student's chosen to have a role in leadership actions are students who are considered successful within their academics. Students have the chance to lead extra-curricular activities like groups and sports. These activities are accompanied with a supervisor; most likely a teacher. Students also have the chance to be part of the SRC. These people can plan events throughout the school year. These events can be helped out by teachers.

Offered Courses

Choosing courses...

Our school decides on adding and removing course based on the interest of students coming in, as well as the overall success rates coming from each class. Courses are rarely removed but courses can be added if enough people are dedicated to participate. On certain occasions a single student could be part of a course on their own. At home, lessons would be taught online via videos. A teacher would be dedicated to their own class at another school while at the same time keeping close tabs with the individual student via email and other means of communication.

Required Classes...

  1. Math - We believe math is used in everyday life and leads to high paying opportunities. The most successful people in our world have high levels of mathematics knowledge.
  2. Science - Science is the fundamental of how things work in our world which leads to many opportunities. Our world is rapidly improving technological and how it works. People leading their future in this direction are likely to be tremendously successful.
  3. Wellness/Personal Fitness - Everyone should know how to live a healthy lifestyle. We believe people should be fit and healthy throughout their lifetime. We hope to see a future filled with people who are fit and understand their health.
  4. English - Literature and proper grammar is a basic skill people should know. People who excel at this are more likely to be hired as their work looks professional. People who are successful are more likely to be involved with things like important emails or other special documents which need to be worded and properly spelled.
  5. Social Studies - Learning about our past gives us a way we can think about the future. Successful and influential individuals from our past share a prodigious story that our generation can take into consideration when thinking about the future.

Electives offered...

  1. Different Language classes - We offer a wide range of classes teaching different languages. This gives students a better chance at getting jobs and teaches them a bit about the countries that use the language. Some examples of the languages we instruct are Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Arabic, and many more!
  2. Engineering - This course is one of our most valued courses out of them all. The title of a engineer can be split into a wide range of types. Overall engineers are becoming the basics or our future. We offer this class at 3 different levels. We allow our students an advantage by letting them take all 3 levels for a chance at their university credit.
  3. Business - We offer this class so students can better understand how to run a business as well as other factors involved like consumer understanding. The most successful people in our world created the most successful businesses.

Our Atmosphere

New Student?

We ensure that when a new student walks into this school, they feel a sense of ease and relief. Students feel ready to learn for the future. Students walk in and feel like they’re in a environment where they can achieve greatness and success. Students feel a sense of importance to the community and the world. Overall you feel at home.


Students at this school are engaged because we provide a safe, fun and respecting environment to allow students to express their true self. Students feel a sense of belonging meaning no one is judging them causing them to be afraid to express their want to learn something new.

Our Ambitions

Preparing for the future our students want...

One of our biggest goals is to provide our students with necessary knowledge for the future. We want students to leave our school ready to face and overcome the challenges of post-secondary school. We want our students to lead the world’s future efficaciously.

Challenging students...

We believe in challenging our students to always achieve higher than expected. We want our students to set goals above and beyond. If a goal is reached we tell students to set an even higher goal. We offer a wide range of groups and teams allowing students to never be limited and to try something new; challenging their comfort zone.

Make learning interesting...

When students are at our school we believe it shouldn’t feel like your normal school. We want our students to have a positive attitude throughout the day. When students feel like the lesson is “boring”, we take that as the lesson wasn’t very engaging. We want our students to have fun while learning for more productivity.


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