Trip to the galapagos make the trip

The Galapagos islands have lots of life and organisms to see in the sea and land and air there's life everywhere for you to see and explore they have the Galapagos tortoises that are very big and old they have the marine iguana that can live on land but spend lots of time in the sea, they have sea lions and seals resting on the shores along with pelicans, flamingos, doves, lava gulls and so many more especially Darwin's finches.

The history of the Galapagos islands is incredible there is so many discovery's made there and so many travelers that stepped foot there one of which is Charles Darwin he arrived to the islands on September 15, 1835. He discovered there the finches which helped him in his theory of natural selection one of the most important things to happen he then stayed there for 5 weeks observing and studying the animals.

The Galapagos consists 13 different islands and each of them have there own environment and animals they are big and small so be sure to explore as much as you can on your trip to them.

The food chain of the Galapagos is simple just like any other plants are of course on the bottom and then it would be plant eating animals like the tortoise or turtles then so on I could not find images.


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