Father Francis J. Hoffman, J.C.D. (Father Rocky) Honoring #HeroPriests

Father Francis J. Hoffman, J.C.D. (Father Rocky), Relevant Radio

Submitted by: Christine Lenske

Fr. Rocky sprang into action making sure that the Relevant Radio media platform would provide a connection for the faithful, not only through their radio station, but also the app., the website and FB. He quickly instituted daily live Mass as well as Sunday Mass. Likewise he lead the Family Rosary Across America. Not only did he institute the continuous provision of these activities, but he "walked with us" each and every day for 100 days. Thousands of people tuned in each and every day and expressed immense gratitude for his work and sacrifice. He really helped people to not feel alone. On top of that he is an outstanding preacher; his genuine concern and action (prayers and consolation) did a lot to help people through the worst of days of fear and uncertainty.

His words, guidance, teaching of the faith is so simple and straight forward. Something that many of all ages and understanding can relate to. I have no doubt that people were not only consoled but grew in faith during a time where peoples faith could have been tested. He saw the opportunity evangelize and seized it without hesitation. God Bless Fr. Rocky and Relevant Radio.

He did not give in to uncertainty, fear or despair. He rose to the challenge that the virus presented and looked at it as an opportunity. He was tireless in his work to reach out through social media and radio platforms.