Go Kart Orange team period 3, Nathan Nguyen

All of our sketches and ideas for each part of the go kart.
An example of what the steering mechanism would look like.
We are measuring and taping our wood to make an outline of what the base would look like.
For my OnShape design, I made the base for the go kart. The four rectangle spaces are for the snap in pieces for the seat.
We have assembled the snap in pieces for the seat to the base. Randi made the seat and I made the base itself.
We have connected the steering wheel to the base. I made the base, Randi made the snap in pieces for the seat, and Brian made the steering wheel. Donnel made the steering column but it was impossible to attach them to the base.
We have successfully showboated out our pieces for the go-kart. We also snapped in all the snap pieces together.
This was our back wheels that will attach to the motor drive.
This was our steering system that will be controlled by the steering wheel with a PVC pipe attached to both of the wheels to make them turn.
This breaking mechanism will be attached to back wheel and will have to squeeze the nozzle to start sloping down to stop.
Created By
Nate Nguyen

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