Customer Care in the Sport Industry seminar six

In this weeks lecture we discussed customer service problems that can occur within an organisation. In addition to this we analysed effective problem solving techniques and looked at the importance of effective problem solving strategies.

Any gap between customer expectations and what you can deliver carries risks in the long term and one of the most important activities in which most customer service providers participate in is helping to solve customer problems.

Between the customer and the customer services team a way to prevent the problem occurring in the future can be arrived at and it is therefore important that the customer services team is not thought of as merely firefighters, but that they have input within the organisation.

For this weeks seminar task you are to identify a time when you received excellent customer service. Then think of a time when you received very poor customer service. Write down the factors of each of these situations and discuss what specifically made the service excellent or poor.

The three main methods of complaining are in person, by telephone or in writing. You are currently managing a large health and fitness company and you have been asked to compile an instruction list to hand out to your employees detailing how to deal with customer complaints. Your list should include three sections on how to handle complaints by phone, in writing and in person

As an additional point in your instruction list you are to provide 6 key points on how to effectively deal with an angry person who is complaining in person.

Please submit your work through the turnitin link on week 6 on the module on your learnzone page.


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